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  1. Washed out look Maps Android Auto

    I have 4200nex with a google pixel. Yet I don't think the phone matters. I think is the display it doesn't project good colors. For example the google maps turn directions background looks like a lime green. But on the 8200nex with the better display it looks correct like a forest green. The 8200 costs several hundred more. I choosed to live with the washed out color and save the cash. My guess is in a few years pioneer should have glass panels on all their models
  2. Apple CarPlay Updated in iOs 10.3

    The CarPlay update is a nice improvement, thanks for posting, I do agree android auto is better, but ill take what ever ill get with CarPlay. I pray it would work with google maps but I know apple won't budge on that.
  3. Custom Background Gallery

    chevy chevrolet
  4. CES 2017 Jan 9th 2017

    Looking forward to what pioneer brings to CES 2017! Jan 9, 2017! I want to see wireless Android auto / Apple car play. I hope Sony and the xav-xa100 drops the price of the pioneer units What are you guys looking forward to? Leave your ideas down below.
  5. Pioneer nex release dates: 8000NEX March 25, 2014 7000nex 6000nex 5000nex 4000nex 8100NEX February 5, 2015 (9 months later) 7100nex 6100nex 5100nex 4100nex 8200NEX March 19, 2016 (13 months later) 7200nex 6200nex 5200nex 4200nex 8201NEX Coming soon Est. Feb. - March 2017 7201nex 6201nex 5201nex 4201nex FEATURE CHANGES PER YEAR: *000nex apple car play with a user update, no android auto. *100nex new Android auto, little software changes and slightly newer maps *200nex software changes, ability to switch from car play to android automatically, disclaimer goes away after 7 seconds and newer maps *201 comes with a back up camera. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MODELS: 4*00 7" resistive display, no built in navigation, but only one with removable face plate! 5*00 6.2" resistive display (smaller), adds navigation , only one with NO HDMI port! 6*00 6.2" resistive display (smaller), adds navigation and has HDMI port! 7*00 7" resistive display , adds naigation, has HDMI port. Face plate is not removable. 8*00 7" captive display , adds navigation , has HDMI port. The main difference this has is a glass screen. Which is like your phone, it's better in every way besides its a fingerprint magnet. Face plate is not removable. PRICE: 8*00 $900-$1000 7*00 $800-$900 6*00 $700-$800 5*00 $600-$700 4*00 $500-$700 Tip - stay a year behind and save up to $200. RESALE VALUE: Lose about $150. Per year UPDATES: Software features - Expect nothing from pioneer. They will delay software features for the next product they release making you want the next model. Pioneer has shown to do this on purpose. Bug fixes - pioneer will give you bug updates for the first year, while there's a factory warranty after that your on your own they ditch you. Unless a safety issue arrives they will give you a update. Maps updates - usualy release yearly around $100 each. these are expensive and not worth it, when you receive it the maps might already be behind on road changes. Stick with carplay or better yet android auto with Google maps. Design & hardware - Pioneer uses the same shell design for 3-5 years. They tend to change the design after that and ride that out for 3-5 years. FINAL THOUGHT: Pioneer makes great products, the best one is the 8000 series, if your on a budget I recommend the 4000 series because it's really like a 6000 series with out navigation. But you get the bigger display design. If you live in a bad cell coverage area get a built in navigation unit. Other wise use car play or Android auto as much as possible. I wish Pioneer updated customers with meaning full features. In stead of moving on without them. Imagine buying a $1000 laptop and never getting a update. It's that bad. The units are packed with stuff, will make car time much more enjoyable. Hope this helps, feel free to leave comments below.
  6. HDMI Possibilities!

    Post here what you use your HDMI forand explain why you think its the best option: Mhl Htpc (home theater PC) Streamers (google tv, apple TV,amazon fire TV, etc.) Game consoles Or maybe just cable extensions to glove box for hook up to anything at any time. Let's help each other maxize the HDMI possibilities!
  7. Be aware Pioneer Marks up MSRP!

    example of mine: AVIC-8000NEX $ 980+tax local authorized dealer Modesto, CA 4/1/14
  8. Be aware Pioneer Marks up MSRP!

    Be Aware Pioneer marks up their MSRP! Model Pioneer MSRP Best Price Found difference Date AVIC-8000NEX $1,400. $1,000 amazon $400 4/1/14 AVIC-7000NEX $1,200. $ 850 amazon $350 4/1/14 AVIC-6000NEX $ 900. $ 700 amazon $200 4/1/14 AVIC-5000NEX $ 750 $ 600 amazon $150 4/1/14 AVIC-4000NEX $ 700 $ 550 amazon $150 4/1/14 HELP US ALL OUT! post your slickdeal or your rip off below .INCLUDE: 1. the cost you paid for the unit (don't include other add-ons or install so we can keep track) 2 date bought 3. links or store name.
  9. 8000nex. new screen worth it?

    We'll i returned my AVIC-5000 to AVIC-8000 for $383. And it's a big difference! I'm glad I traded up! It's much faster, sharper, smarter, AR Unchained brings it to life. The 5000 has no HDMI, so it won't work for app mode with android. I bet next year all models will have the captive screen so getting the 8000nex is a little future proof.
  10. 8000nex. new screen worth it?

    Great feed back! Thank you.
  11. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Worked on 5000nex (I'm taking mine back for the 6000-8000nex*there is no HDMI on the 5000nex. And that means no app connection with Android.)
  12. 8000nex. new screen worth it?

    Nice, so it bright and crisp. How about the touch? Does it work better? (Such as app mode and key press.)
  13. 8000nex. new screen worth it?

    What does everyone think, is the 8000nex captive screen worth the extra $200ish over the 7000nex?
  14. my ex wife broke my screen on purpose, lol. i was able to find a guy that replaced the screen on my z1 by shipping it to him for only $100 and that including shipping. sorry i dont have his info any more... but try searching ebay, z1 service/screen repair.