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  1. We still have the audio drop out every minute or so while using wireless CarPlay using both our iPhone 12’s (iOS released 14.4) on pioneer 7600nex. It’s just the WiFi/Bluetooth audio not the radio.
  2. I have a iPhone 12 two feet away from the HU and music with CarPlay skips for a brief half second every 5 minutes or so. (No skip issue with the radio feed)
  3. We shouldn’t have to mod. Why would pioneer remove the splash screen! It’s so clean to add a photo of your car brand at start up looks like a OEM radio in my other two cars with a pioneer 4400NEX
  4. Great tip, I don’t have steering wheel controls I found out these “ON screen skip buttons” don’t do anything in Apple carplay music source with google play music running. Anyone else try with stopify etc?
  5. Did Pioneer get rid of the skip track buttons? It appears to me they replaced it with a Siri button and back button instead. Cant say for sure my local car stereo shops don’t have it in yet.
  6. I have 4200nex with a google pixel. Yet I don't think the phone matters. I think is the display it doesn't project good colors. For example the google maps turn directions background looks like a lime green. But on the 8200nex with the better display it looks correct like a forest green. The 8200 costs several hundred more. I choosed to live with the washed out color and save the cash. My guess is in a few years pioneer should have glass panels on all their models
  7. The CarPlay update is a nice improvement, thanks for posting, I do agree android auto is better, but ill take what ever ill get with CarPlay. I pray it would work with google maps but I know apple won't budge on that.
  8. Looking forward to what pioneer brings to CES 2017! Jan 9, 2017! I want to see wireless Android auto / Apple car play. I hope Sony and the xav-xa100 drops the price of the pioneer units What are you guys looking forward to? Leave your ideas down below.
  9. 8000NEX March 25, 2014 7000nex 6000nex 5000nex 4000nex 8100NEX February 5, 2015 (9 months later) 7100nex 6100nex 5100nex 4100nex 8200NEX March 19, 2016 (13 months later) 7200nex 6200nex 5200nex 4200nex 8201NEX February - March 2017 (12 months later) 7201nex 6201nex 5201nex 4201nex W8400nex May 25, 2018 (14 months later) W6400nex W4400nex
  10. Post here what you use your HDMI forand explain why you think its the best option: Mhl Htpc (home theater PC) Streamers (google tv, apple TV,amazon fire TV, etc.) Game consoles Or maybe just cable extensions to glove box for hook up to anything at any time. Let's help each other maxize the HDMI possibilities!
  11. example of mine: AVIC-8000NEX $ 980+tax local authorized dealer Modesto, CA 4/1/14
  12. Be Aware Pioneer marks up their MSRP! Model Pioneer MSRP Best Price Found difference Date AVIC-8000NEX $1,400. $1,000 amazon $400 4/1/14 AVIC-7000NEX $1,200. $ 850 amazon $350 4/1/14 AVIC-6000NEX $ 900. $ 700 amazon $200 4/1/14 AVIC-5000NEX $ 750 $ 600 amazon $150 4/1/14 AVIC-4000NEX $ 700 $ 550 amazon $150 4/1/14 HELP US AL
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