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  1. Yes, the software bypass works the same as it always has on the W8400NEX.
  2. It worked fine for me and allows access to the Nav settings while driving.
  3. 1- Call Pioneer and request this feature be added back. I’m wondering if someone backed into something after setting it up improperly and then sued Pioneer. 2- CarPlay works fine for me. Sorry, I can’t check Android Auto. 3- Have you done the software bypass? I’ll double check, but I haven’t noticed this.
  4. I had the 8000nex before upgrading to the W8400NEX. Unless price is a big concern, I would go with the W8400NEX. The W8400NEX feels like a true version 2.0 of the NEX platform. The NEX GUI has been updated for the first time. It is far less buggy and more responsive. The 8000NEX, 8100NEX, 8200NEX, and 8201NEX were all essentially the same software and hardware, with only minor upgrades.
  5. There is a warning which you can touch to acknowledge, but it goes away on its own after a few seconds. Also, there is no longer a CarPlay warning window.
  6. Good point! The physical track buttons on the radio are gone. I hadn’t noticed because I use the buttons on the steering wheel. If you press the button to the right of the “home” button, a black quick control menu bar fills the lower third of the display, and includes software buttons for next/previous track, play/pause, settings, and the day/night dimmer.
  7. I just upgraded to the W8400NEX from the 8000NEX. The screen is definitely a notable improvement. Better colors, brightness, and contrast. It is significantly faster and more responsive. Wireless Carplay works seemlessly. I kept having random dropouts with the 8000NEX. Overall, I’m pleased with the upgrade. One thing I miss (or can’t find!) is the old parking assist guide lines. It was a pain in the butt to setup, but it made parking much easier. It seems this is the first model to do away with them. To clarify, I am not talking about the sensor-based parking assist feature over the iDataLink Maestro connection... just the old-fashioned static lines you could set as an overlay on the backup camera. I don’t see them in the manual, but figured I’d ask here if anyone has found them. I’ll be expressing my displeasure regarding their removal with Pioneer.
  8. AVICSYNC app for iOS (iPhone 6)...sucks

    I had to turn off CarPlay to associate. Once associated, I turned CarPlay back on and AvicSync continued to work properly.
  9. No Carplay/Appradio mode NEX 8100

    Try restarting your phone.
  10. AvicSync news

    Online Search is available as an option when searching for a destination. It appears as a new option to the right of "Address" and "Places", and allows you to search the internet for a POI not in the Nav's onboard database.
  11. Update 1.11 now available (Avicsync)

    Make sure it is formated as FAT32. Drives with large capacity (over 32gb I think) don't support this format.
  12. AVICSYNC firmware update out for X100NEX models

    Perhaps try turning off Android Auto??? Turning off CarPlay worked for me.
  13. AVICSYNC firmware update out for X100NEX models

    Yeah, I tried EVERYTHING (restarting phone, restarting NEX, digging through all menu screens, etc.) to do a forced association, but nothing would work. I called Pioneer support, and they had me turn off CarPlay, and suddenly, association worked automatically! I'm using an iPhone 6s on iOS 9.2 and an 8000NEX for what it's worth. Glad it worked for you hassle-free!
  14. AVICSYNC firmware update out for X100NEX models

    UPDATE #2: Once my iPhone was associated with the Nav on the NEX, I turned CarPlay back on, and both CarPlay and Avicsync worked fine! It seems that CarPlay only needs to be turned off for the initial association/pairing between the Avicsync app and the NEX Nav system.