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  1. @IvanRaide For what it’s worth, my carrier is AT&T and my iPhone model is the 11 Pro Max with iOS 13.6 (beta gold master). I do NOT have the WiFi drops, but I do have the metallic, mono Siri/phone calls. I’d be interested in what carrier everyone is using, what model iPhone folks are using, and what iOS version it is running. Also, include which of these problems you are experiencing.
  2. I suspect you are right. That is typically Pioneer’s approach to these things after a few months on the market. Im hoping if enough of us complain this early on, they will have to fix the problem... IF it can be fixed with a software/firmware update. I just tried Hey Siri while connected wirelessly. I had no drops. Everything worked properly. Is anyone having the dropping problem on a WT7600NEX? I’ve only heard of it on the 8600, so far.
  3. I just spoke with Pioneer, and after checking, the support person I talked to said the metallic distant Siri is a KNOWN issue, and promised to forward my information to engineering! So... call in AGAIN and really press the issue. Offer to help engineering fix this problem!
  4. @IvanRaide I saw in your video on your thread about the volume knob mod that you are using the iOS 14 beta. How is your Siri and phone call sound quality with the beta? I’m still pinning this problem on Pioneer, as other cars don’t have this problem. I just hope it is fixable with software, and not due to them cheaping out on Bluetooth hardware.
  5. Once you have made a Bluetooth/wireless connection to the unit with your phone, you have to actually open CarAVAssist on the headunit FIRST, and then open it on your phone and make a connection. From the home screen, swipe to the source selection screen. It should be towards the bottom. Doing this disables CarPlay or Android Auto which would otherwise prevent the app from communicating with the unit.
  6. Everything that is normally locked out while the vehicle is moving. I wouldn’t call it a “hidden menu”, exactly. More like a hidden override setting.
  7. THANK YOU!!! You just made several people very happy!
  8. A few of us have had that issue. I had it develop after a couple days with my first unit , but I had it replaced, and the second unit was fine. I’m thinking Pioneer did a crap job of connecting the display cable to the main unit board. I haven’t had any problems with dimming since getting it set up. You have set the dimmer all the way down while the unit is in night mode, haven’t you?
  9. I’ll just go ahead and throw out that I’ve had zero problems with wireless CarPlay dropping out or range issues. My only problem with CarPlay is the robotic, poor-quality Siri and phone call voices. Something sounds like it isn’t working correctly for the connection to drop that easily. I’d probably request a replacement. Are you both using the 8600? I’m using a 7600.
  10. @Hawknbyrd My initial unit did it. I had it replaced through Crutchfield, and my second unit hasn’t done it at all. My initial thought is it may be related to having to pull the screen connector wire through the unit to make slack, but I’m not sure. I’m sorry to hear that someone else has this issue. That means it could be fairly common.
  11. I just completed the update to 1.13. No noticeable fixes on my end. Siri still sounds like garbage. CarAVAssist is a complicated pain in the ass that requires a very precise and intentional workflow that differs based on the function one wants to perform. To update the firmware, there is no need to connect CarAVAssist using the CarAVAssist source on the head unit over Bluetooth. Firmware updates only work over a WiFi hotspot, and must be done from within the Firmware Update menu on the head unit. Here is what I did using iPhone... 1) Assuming you have already setup CarAVAssist betwe
  12. @Dizle No problems with wireless CarPlay or its range. Just the robotic Siri voice and phone calls.
  13. @mfvtgtgsWith the 7600, I just forcibly push it. Not tabs or buttons. Interesting about the Siri. I can’t imagine the actual components or hardware are any different, other than the screen. @Dizle, I’d call and report the Siri problem to Pioneer support. I did last week. This may be a problem with the 7600. Hopefully it is a firmware-addressable problem!
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