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  1. Hotspot with 8600/7600

    So having the ability to connect to a hotspot with the pioneer radio is an interesting feature. My issue has been that my iPhone deactivates the WiFi after nothing is connected to it for 5-10min. I thought I figured out a fix by using the “TetherMe” tweak always on feature but still the hotspot shut off. I figured out a way to fix this but again it requires jailbreak. I used “Activator 1.9.13” and set up to activate the hotspot when I connect to a CarPlay device and then deactivate the hotspot when I disconnect from a CarPlay device. I set up on the pioneer 8600 to auto connect to my phone. It has worked perfectly and I have not noted any flickering of the monitor picture as of now.
  2. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    Looks like the firmware is on the pioneer site. https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/NEX/DMH-WT8600NEX?tab=firmware I’m gonna see if it addresses the screen flickering issue....
  3. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    Regarding the flicker.... I am also experiencing this.. I guess since others are experiencing it it means that my frustrations are shared. I initially thought it was a loose connection but it happens even if I am sitting still. I have tried to wiggle the screen cord and reconnect it without any change. It also is happening intermittently. Sometimes I drive and it doesn’t happen at all, others it flickers every 10-20 seconds. I contacted tech support who asked if I updated the firmware and that the update should fix it. I expressed that I am unable to successfully update it through CarAVAssist and that I the firmware is not available online. He said it would be online in the next week. I am going to update the firmware when I can and then begin return procedures if that doesn’t improve it. IMG_0707.MOV
  4. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    I also was not able to update it through carassist and thought I would try to do it on a usb drive but was unable find it online to download. Based upon the info it looks like it is entirely android auto so it may not necessarily be applicable to my use of the radio.
  5. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    I just purchased the dmh8600 with the maestro rr this week. I have gotten to ride around for about 2 hours with it and while I love the larger screen, I do have some concerns. 1) there is a way to change the forward/backward tilt on the lcd but I cannot figure it out after reading the install manual. If someone knows please snap some pictures for film a movie on how to do it for us that can’t figure it out. I don’t want to randomly start forcing things and break my $1000 radio! 2) this may be related to #1 but it is kind of a pain to put the lcd screen On and then snake the mounting screws behind it and hold it in place with forceps while I screw in with a long screwdriver. Then... invariably to get everything hooked up and lined up and connected requires multiple installs and removals to get it just right. Removing the lcd screws adds another layer of annoyance for each reinstall, not to mention nervousness that I’m going to drop the screws. 3) The caravassist app is cool to edit the home screen but it took me a little to figure out. I did not realize I had to find the caravassist app on the unit and open it before I could connect with my iPhone and transfer the data. It was not super clear in the manual and I was trying to connect from my phone without opening the corresponding app on the radio 4) I am having a hard time with wireless CarPlay sound quality. I am running iOS 13.5 and am frequent cut outs of sound which is very annoying. During my initial dry fittings before I actually screwed it into the car I did not recall drop outs but may not have been listening to CarPlay long enough. Since driving around I am getting cut outs and occasionally the phone disconnects and reconnect after 15-30 secs. I have Tried to delete and reconnect the phone and it persists. I am going to connect with a different phone to see if still randomly drops out. Hopefully this will resolve. I need to remove it one last time to put in hdmi and usb adaptors so I will recheck connections. 5) I have purchased right angle adaptors for the usb-c and hdmi since I broke the included usb-c adaptor. In my car there is not a lot of room behind the unit so in the process of putting it in, I inadvertently bent/broke the usb and hdmi cables 6) The downside of being so quick to get this means I went from a unit with a bypass to no bypass available. I have the hardwire pass and have tried the lower quadrant bypass and can confirm that these do not work on the dmh8600. Hopefully this will be made public very soon. 7) The hotspot feature is cool in that it can get weather, sports, and even browse websites (when standing still) using the hotspot from the Iphone. However, I believe the hotspot shuts off on the phone after awhile of having nothing connected Perhaps to save the battery. So.... when I get out of the car and then get back in, I have to go to settings on my iPhone and reactivate the hotspot and then the radio automatically connects. those are my first impressions! I’d be curious if others have encountered these or perhaps they have a fix for any of them??
  6. GPS issue, "Positioning not Possible"

    After having my AVIC for 4 years I noticed that I started to get this error. It’s not that big of a deal since I have always used my phone for navigation. My main issue was that I could not set my clock and date since it pulls it from the GPS signal with no way to manually set it. I opened up the top of the radio to try to reseat the sensor described above but after removing the top decided it is not worth the hassle to just change the time. I finally figured a way around it by entering the developer menu (instructions in the developer mod thread) using a startup disk in USB1. I assume you can also use the “secret code” of (3)(1)(3)(2) that is listed in the mod thread as well. i just changed the “system dummy time and date” option and am back in business. Now when I glance down at my radio it tells me the correct time.
  7. Thanks b0yke! That was it. It was driving me crazy.
  8. I downloaded the appradio app for my iPhone 5 and immediately had the red badge on it showing the number "2" on it. After navigating around a bit this badge changes to "1" but I have no idea what made it reduce. Now I am stuck with this update badge nagging me and I have no idea what I need to do to make it go away. Has anyone else had this issue and know how to fix it??
  9. I have looked all around for this but can't find how to do it. Are you all able to see the current song and artist of the song you are streaming over bluetooth. I know when I stream my android phone to my computer, the song and artist show up but on my avic it is just a blank screen while it plays. Does the unit display this and I just am missing a setting?