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  1. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    Good news, the 1.30 firmware is available for download. https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/StaticFiles/PUSA/Car_Electronics/Firmware Update Files/2020-DMH/October_2020/DMH-WT8600NEX.zip
  2. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    I just spent about 30 minutes trying.... Connected car to phone, phone to car, it never works! mfvtgtgs, can you do a video of the update process? Do you use the wifi hotspot, or the wireless smartphones option. What version of iOS? Hey, have you done the brake bypass? I just tried it on my Android and it says 1.13 is the latest? https://photos.app.goo.gl/Gf1D1CLi4DUxYqMz9
  3. I've have been on all the iOS 14 betas and I still have it. But I will say it was much lower in b4-b5, but I find that b6 (for the last couple of days) has been worse. I think it might just be random though and unrelated to iOS; but I hope its related and Apple is trying to compensate for whatever the problem is. I am largely hoping that iPhone 12 Pro (and QualComm) will fix it by getting rid of the cancer that is Intel modems
  4. HDMI port on DMH-WT7600NEX

    I agree. When I used the stopwatch, I failed at least 20 times, then just counted in my head, got it on the first try
  5. Try turning off LTE as a test...
  6. If you follow the reddit links, it has all the history and parts and even a diagram ... but the latest info (and a link to the code is at this one) .... you might want to read the links inside to get more context.
  7. Just curious, did turning off LTE no longer work?
  8. All you need is willpower. When I first did the Alpine volume knob I had never worked with Arduino and hadn't done electronics since high-school, but the need for a volume knob was strong. That said you might have to solder some connections, so a soldering iron at least is needed. If you buy the same rotary encoder and digital POT that I bought, at least you will not need to change the code at all. Something to note, I dont have a iDatalink, so "just in case it does cause problems" I didnt want you to think I had one and it was working? How long does it take to move the volume with the iDatalink? With this circuit its about 41msec per volume movement, but there are some oddities about Pioneer, if you move the volume up 3 it will move the volume up one and draw that volume overlay; while that overlay is drawing those other volume up commands are dropped, (you basically have to wait about 850msec) before sending other commands? Maybe you are seeing that problem on the Maestro?
  9. The problem is very similar to Alpine problem, especially “that certain areas can do it”. Maybe turn LTE off before the drive and ON after? Alternately, maybe try another carrier’s SIM (a friends/wifes/etc) to see if they have the same problems in the same spots (it should not which suggests cell-tower triangulation). Thats probably more extreme and turning LTE. Its unfortunate that Shortcuts can only turn off CELL and NOT specific LTE. But if you music was local, and you used google with Local Maps, that might be an idea (have an automation turn cellular off?). (never tried that though)
  10. As you probably recall, I have it. I don't have it as much as you guys though. I got it twice with "hey Siri" off, so that is officially NOT the problem. Did you try LTE off? I did it for 2 days with no drops but I just can't handle 3G anymore so turned LTE back on. I can't confirm if it helps or not.
  11. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    For AA they have a setting in the Settings for "auto launch AA", with CarPlay its on the phone, but CarPlay usually auto-starts into the CarPlay interface but this is going into the Pioneer UI interface. And only about 40% of the time. Are you saying that sometimes your AA starts in AA, and sometimes it starts in Pioneer UI (connected to AA) ? Its a bit of a hassle, because I have to hit menu to go back into the Main Pioneer Home display and hit CarPlay from there, (normally it should go right into CarPlay). This never happened before firmware 1.13 (I'm not blaming it on that firmware), I just dont recall it happening before then?
  12. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    The "mode" button on the IR remote flips between the 2, so now the question is "why" is this happening to me .... Question: do most people hit the first nag screen or do they let it time out?
  13. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    Lately my unit is booting into this screen, I would say about 40% of the time. It knows its CarPlay and playing music from CarPlay, and if I go back to the main menu, I can go into CarPlay .... but this is Pioneer UI? Is anyone having this? Is there a way to stop it! https://imgur.com/a/Wy3nIBI
  14. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    I was thinking we should probably start a new thread about discussing the Siri Mono / Audio disconnect problems, (since we have hijacked this "impressions" article). My info: iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 14 beta 2, Canada-Rogers
  15. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    I'm not sure I would say it was Alpine (or Pioneer's) implementation that was at fault since using different iPhones (or Androids) allowed it to work, it makes me think it's more a case of Intel doing something incorrectly and Apple just uses their firmware/chipset drivers. What gets even weirder is my actual experience with the ILX; before figuring out that "turning off LTE" would work, I actually tried switching cellphone providers ... my thought at the time was as the car was moving it was re-triangulating with cell-towers and doing something that caused intel to drop wifi for a moment. Maybe some incorrect implementation of cellular protocol, or maybe only with certain tower-set, or maybe frequency range, of the carrier. I was on Bell, and switched to Rogers, and completely fixed it for me. A different user was on Rogers, but in a different province and having drops (so it wasn't the cell provider exactly either). Once we showed it seemed "cellular" related another user turned off cellular completely (since it was all local storage music), which worked for him, after that it became a case of trying different cellular settings, until LTE was tried. That is why I'm suggesting it first. A quicker test would be turn off cellular but since so many people use things like Spotify I was trying to keep it easier. I will try to find the original reddit article on it (but the above is what we found in a nutshell) found it (it's long) ...