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  1. My AVH-4200 won’t turn on

    I would double check the wires on the car make sure it still have power. Then check the radio. Very rare it will be a internal fuse. But it does happen. Disassemble the radio as a last resort.
  2. ****Warning****** Do not buy from that guy.If you really wanna buy it. Buy from user ASD2265. ebay seller "vehiclegpsfixing" is a rip off. Using my and my friends files to make a profit. The files are free just ask.
  3. Hello,

    I tried updating the firmware on y Pioneer SPH-DA120 yesterday, followed Pioneers instructions to the letter. The firmware seemed to be loading, got to 99% and gave me a power interruption error, It cycled again and continues to going up to 66% and starts over again.

    I've seen postings about an unlock image and new image to get this up and running again.

    Anyway you can help me out with this?

    I'd appreciate it,



  4. Need testmode_n.key

    There is three testkey_n
  5. AVH-1400NEX Bypass, anyone?

    PAC audio TR-1
  6. Maps Not Displaying

    looks like its missing lic. files
  7. read the post above.
  8. Pioneer AVH4100NEX

  9. Nex-8000 Map Update Issues

    my guess is no. not for couple months. i have proof for q3 AVIC_NA_2017Q3_2.avi
  10. Nex-8000 Map Update Issues

    I remember seeing q4 but forgot where. now the user is selling it. I seen this user before and trust the seller. But 2017.q3 is online on one of the sites.
  11. Nex-8000 Map Update Issues

    unreleased... latest is 2017.q3 from naviextra
  12. Nex-8000 Map Update Issues

    avicfix is a crook. He is stealing all ours work and selling it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PIONEER-NEX-Series-AVIC-5100NEX-6100NEX-7100NEX-8100NEX-MAP-UPDATE-2017Q4/112854562954?hash=item1a46a7f88a:g:d2YAAOSwL29am0zC He is legit.