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  1. Swapping avh for avic

    Just match the colors. It wont be a plug and play.
  2. Android auto update

    The android software is on the phone. Avic is just like a remote control. So to answer your question. Yes...
  3. NEX Proud Owner

    I just use my whole thumb on lower left corner. I can comfim.it work cause I have the unit.
  4. NEX Proud Owner

    You need to do the on screen parking brake bypass....
  5. Back up camera won't turn off even in drive

    Try putting the car in reverse. Then try change the setting. It that doesnt work pull out the radio and play with the purple/white wire and putting in to ground see that change then try connect to red wire on radio. And see if you can change the settings.
  6. reset Nav on Avic-8200nex

    Leave as is. It will automatically calibrate.
  7. Back of AVIC 6400NEX

    Audio output for rear a/v control
  8. Pioneer Tech Support Unavailable?

    Did you connect GPS antenna???
  9. PAC RPK4-FD2201 install. No backup camera

    Red acc to camera power allows the radio to go into rearview camera while driving. Like you wanna see what's behind you or when towing something.
  10. The AVIC Development Mod

    Why are using testmode_s......
  11. PAC RPK4-FD2201 install. No backup camera

    Radio purple/white goes to purple/white on interface for reverse camera.
  12. 5000NEX - How to tell which USB is connected?

    Plug in a standard USB and it should show which USB its it's plugged into.
  13. AVIC-W8400NEX or 8500?

    Only different is in software. Weblink instead of AppradioOne. And you will have rear camera guidelines.
  14. Universal Steering wheel buttons

    Get me the model of that steering control and I'll write up a diagram.
  15. Universal Steering wheel buttons

    You will need a aftermarket steering wheel control interface to make it work. Like aswc-1 or pac swi-RC