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  1. Hi Bonee, i see you recently shared the image file for a Pioneer SPH DA120 - I have one in the UK and really need the image file.

    if you are able to help that would be amazing :)

  2. Software Image for AVH-X8700BT

  3. The Next NEX?

    Wait after CES and radio should be out around april or may
  4. Wireless Carplay Plugged into USB 1

    Carplay default to wired
  5. software error screen

    its internal behind the display and under the user accessible SD slot...
  6. My map is broken

    Take a picture of the radio.
  7. Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX speed pulse

    Speed Sense The PCM (Powertrain Control Module) is on the passenger side firewall. On the 4.7L motor, the VSS is white/orange in conn. 1, pin 13. On the 5.7L motor, the VSS is dk. green/yellow in conn. 1, pin 13. Try reseting speed pulse.
  8. Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX speed pulse

    i need to know the car and ill tell you the right wire..
  9. AVIC-5200NEX bypass or not

    Couple wires are in a little different pin.
  10. Avic6000NEX keeps restarting, help!

    Will work but something wont like bluetooth
  11. Avic6000NEX keeps restarting, help!

    Sounds like a bad SD card. You need to get the SD card image from one of the users.
  12. 8500NEX Back up camera trigger

    never connect camera to a constant wire. That will drain your battery. Connect camera power to ign or acc wire in the car. And reverse trigger to tail light or at the car dash fuse box. White 36 pin plug. Pin 4 red wire
  13. 8500NEX Back up camera trigger