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  1. https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/NEX/AVIC-5200NEX
  2. That is possible too. Switch the setting to camera. Then do camera view by holding down the map or mode button the the front bezel. Then I belive it the lower right corner to switch between front and rear camera.
  3. Make sure av input set to "source" and not "Camera"
  4. replace internal SD card
  5. I believe that's wrong. SD card has nothing to do with the radio serial. Serial is program to the radio NOR memory. Unless you have the wrong SD card files.
  6. look at the post above. I shows you in a video how to get to the sound menu for network mode.
  7. Go to pioneerelectronics.com and download the firmware
  8. cambiar sd
  9. Software is wrong region..
  10. Ive had no problem with my steering control via RR. I've done is on 4400 to 4500 to 4600 had no problems
  11. Firmware is on pioneer website...
  12. Where did you order from??
  13. Mircoswitch bypass not needed for NEX models
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