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  1. I tried helping people and then bad mouth me when they mess up their radio.
  2. Wont really see anything new til Jan 11 at CES. My guess should be about the same. I am hoping they add built in Nav with 12" screen at the minimum.
  3. I have all kind of USB and never had a problem 4GB-512GB. Sandisk, kingston, etc. even cheap china made USB. i just format it in Fat32 and NTFS
  4. 4x00 verison have SD card except DMH models.
  5. its behind monitor and behind the plastic bezel. should be on the right side. SD card is blue
  6. you can also try iheartradio if you want naming https://help.iheart.com/hc/en-us/articles/229183428-Using-Pioneer-App-Radio-with-iHeartAuto
  7. If AM dont work well. find the AM channel on the FM HD channel.
  8. its only four wires. should be pretty easy to find the RCA wires and power.. Use a DDM to test for continuity
  9. send me the files if you want me to test burning with your files
  10. Ill have to go out and buy some CDR. I only have DVDR. been a while since I burn a CD. And ill report back. I am pretty sure it has it.
  11. CD has to support it. A lot of CD dont have that data built in
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