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  1. No menu when radio starts

    Like I said..... someone mess with the setting or install error
  2. NEX 4200 Firmware update

    What are you having a problem with
  3. No menu when radio starts

    Radio is struck in reverse camera mode
  4. software error screen

    Just have to wait someone will get to you...
  5. How should I install a power toggle switch?

    Put a switch to the accessory wire. So the radio still kept memory. Is the radio upadted to lasted firmware??
  6. W4400 and USB

    Has to be format in fat32
  7. NTFS compression on SD card

    No only fat32
  8. It's the interface. Axxess interface may need to be updated.
  9. Show me the camera setting menu. What interface are you using. Cause that is a dodge I see. Show me the connections to radio.
  10. Stop press the timer button press the x
  11. It's the same process to turn it off. If it's not that I would check all connections.
  12. Yes now press and hold the one key on the radio to make sure it's on set to camera on at all times
  13. Or you have the camera on the wrong trigger