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  1. cross over amplifier settings

    subsonic is like a bass boost.
  2. W4500 CD Text

    send me the files if you want me to test burning with your files
  3. W4500 CD Text

    Ill have to go out and buy some CDR. I only have DVDR. been a while since I burn a CD. And ill report back. I am pretty sure it has it.
  4. W4500 CD Text

    CD has to support it. A lot of CD dont have that data built in

    Hi avh-x8750bt pioneer gave software error how can I install software again, can you help me I could not find the software file

  6. Backup camera guidelines on by default?

    should be in the settings to have it on.
  7. HDMI port on DMH-WT7600NEX

    do the video bypass first. And for HDMI to turn on. something has to be input the signal. not just pluged in. has to be outputing a video. I have mine plug in to my S20 Ultra.
  8. MVH-2300NEX black screen

    record a video to show what it is doing. include the wiring that was done.
  9. Avh 4200 software error

    who was the seller???
  10. I have tried three different iphones 7, 7 plus and 8 plus. no problems with the wireless carplay. everything is fine audio, connections, etc. on 2 hrs drives. no problems at all. no audio cut outs or robotic audio.
  11. 2660Nex

    red/white is not needed.
  12. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    Why dont everyone just get an android.,
  13. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    what kind of car