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  1. AVIC-5200 NEX "Update File Version Error"

    try this file 5200NEX_1.01_FW-Update.zip
  2. AVIC-5200 NEX "Update File Version Error"

    .send me picture of the radio model number and files used to update
  3. AVIC-5200 NEX "Update File Version Error"

    are you sure you have 5200 and not 5201??
  4. AVIC-5200 NEX "Update File Version Error"

    make sure USB is formated fat32 and the files are on the root dir.
  5. Help with a AVH-W4400NEX

    the procedures is all the same for all NEX models
  6. 8200nex Cant access oem setting

    OEM setting on the radio only works with the idatalink RR module. it retains the oem functions when replacing the radio to aftermarket. like the ford mustang retain the factory climate control on the radio.
  7. 8200nex Cant access oem setting

    do you have the idata RR module??
  8. olá bonne você teria o backup do sd avic 5000nex ou algum link onde eu possa fazer o download?

  9. AVIC 8500NEX vss/08 f250

    I would not connect the vss wire. To much of a hassle. Not really needed anymore
  10. Backups and Images

    5200 is the file and yes
  11. Backups and Images

    has to be 4400NEX file.
  12. Avic 8200 NEX - Licensing Issue with Navi

    Try updating firmware
  13. Hi Bonee, i see you recently shared the image file for a Pioneer SPH DA120 - I have one in the UK and really need the image file.

    if you are able to help that would be amazing :)

  14. Software Image for AVH-X8700BT