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  1. I used this image on my AVIC-5100NEX and it seemed OK. I then upgraded, actually downgraded, to the Pioneer 1.11 which seem to be the only firmware upgrade for this unit. Everything seems to work fine. Thanks for the help!
  2. I now have two SD cards that Windows won't see in the reader. By what method and means would I apply this password if my computer won't even recognize that the card is in the reader? Will the card reader see the card under Unix? Is there a Unix environment that runs on windows so I can access the card if indeed Unix will? Is the password applied through the testmode program? If so is there a quick start on using testmode? I just want my cards back. Knowledge is a fine thing to have, it has far greater value when it is shared.
  3. My disk manager does not mount the reader at all with one of these "dead" cards in it. Is there something or some combination than can be used to restore the card to usefulness? Thanks!!
  4. Thanks, but NG. Reader does not recognize that SD card has been inserted, list disk command only shows Disk 0, the hard drive.
  5. I now have two 8 gig SD cards that are not recognized when placed in a card reader under Windows. I hate to just throw them away as they cost 8 to 10 bucks a piece when you can find them new, plus it is simply wasteful and goes against the thinking of a tinkerer, there should be some way to bring them back from the dead. Plus what does being in the AVIC do to them to make them this way. Any solutions, clues, and insights are welcome.
  6. Hi Mr. Bonee! I do not think a password would help me, my card reader does not recognize the SD card when I put it in, Windows keeps asking for it. I do want to thank whoever put up a thing called AVIC.img on Google drive. I had a time downloading it! I tried direct download and got a redirect warning, then tried a decrypting download but after it was decrypted and I tried to download the page said it was too big. So I tried the decrypt again and when it was finished I right clicked the encrypted 3 gig file and it came into my computer slick as a whistle. I wrote the image file onto a 16
  7. Why does inserting SD card into AVIC seem to kill it? Is there a way to get these "dead" cards to be recognized in Windows again? Thanks!
  8. Hello, I was trying to update maps and now I have a software error. Pulled out SD card but can't read it under windows, does not show up at all. I have been reading here that my problem is likely a corrupted image file on the SD card. I have an image writer on my computer. I have not found an AVIC-5100NEX image to write to the SD card yet. I looked at a link to megaNZ I think it is called but the link was no longer valid. Any help is sorely needed and greatly appreciated. Boz.
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