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  1. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    7600NEX/ T-Mobile (US)/ iPhone 11 Pro/ frequent audio drops/ disabling hey Siri didn’t fix. Will try disabling LTE tomorrow.
  2. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    Turned off hey Siri, no difference but worth a try
  3. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    Yes mine drops on the WT7600NEX, although for no apparent reason it has gotten a little better. If I even wave my hand over my phone it drops, or heaven forbid I pickup my phone it drops too. I’ll call them when I get home tonight and press the issue!
  4. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    I called Pioneer about the crappy Siri quality and they immediately blamed my phone, I didn’t push it hard and just hung up. Got some low level tech on the phone just reading from a script. I’ll give them a call this weekend and push the issue further as it’s not getting any better!
  5. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    One more thing, I found some where on the inter webs that someone had success with wireless CarPlay interference by turning this off. I did it and it’s seemed to help but could be placebo. The only thing that I can tell it turns off is direction airdrop, can no longer point your phone at another to send an airdrop. Didn’t work well for me anyways so I’m not missing much.
  6. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    Hey it’s Ivan from Reddit! I’m out of town and can’t test it but I will when I get back on Friday. Although I do use hey Siri quite often with my AirPods, would suck to turn that off. Your wireless CarPlay has been better still? I was in a Cayenne today that had CarPlay built in and thought of you lol
  7. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    I can confirm that all settings are now accessible while moving and video also plays, at least using the built in browser and YouTube. I don’t have an hdmi source set up to test but I would think that would work too. Works surprisingly well! Only thing I found that doesn’t work is the keyboard in CarPlay, but Siri is easier to use anyways. FullSizeRender.mov
  8. DMH-WT8600NEX bypass HELP!!

    How are people watching video on this, the browser/ YouTube or using the HDMI with a source plugged in like the OP?
  9. DMH-WT8600NEX bypass HELP!!

    Worked for me thank you!!
  10. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    I have the 7600 as well
  11. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    Agreed, wireless CarPlay is garbage! Using WiFi it should work anywhere in the vehicle, period. Bluetooth worked flawlessly with my stock 2015 head unit with my phone in a backpack in the truck. Wireless CarPlay cuts out with my phone in a cupholder 1 foot from the pioneer!
  12. DMH-WT8600NEX bypass HELP!!

    I don’t think we’ve figured it out yet. You got an Apple TV hooked up to your 8600? Nice!
  13. AVIC-W8500NEX Sporadically Reboots

    3 days in with the power bypassing the Maestro and no reboots, seems like it’s fixed!
  14. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    Ahhh I tried it before they had instructions out that mention the parking brake. Thanks, I’ll try it via USB tonight and report back.
  15. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    I’m about to exchange my unit with Crutchfield, wireless CarPlay cutting In and out every time I drive my car is unacceptable in my opinion. Maybe for a cheap unit but this is anything but that.