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  1. The AVIC Development Mod

    Is above file correct and updated? Someone help me please! I can't get my 6000NEX into TEST mode. I saw 1.15 (latest version) in the download link, so thought it's better get latest FW update first. Now I'm on 1.15, with exact Navigation version I followed the exact process mentioned. But couldn't get into Test Mode at all. Did I miss anything? I'm a IT professional, so I'm sure simple technical instructions are followed. ============ Updates ============ Sorry, I sort it out by keeping reading other thread in the forum. It turns out I need the goldenapple key in the download. "just use the correct patch/crack,and use the new testmode key (goldenapple)"
  2. Naviextras map update question

    Yeah, it seems this is the case for all if not most ppl. Jshen said the same thing. The date you started receiving signal determined the latest version you can get. I guess I'll have to pay over $129 for the map update in future.
  3. I don't concur though. I have 6000, the camera come on instantly when you start the car, but it will turn into black for 2-6 seconds and back on with stamped message. It's not instant, but fast enough for most cases.
  4. Naviextras map update question

    My 6000 was bought last June, and started receiving GPS signal last July. Are you saying I can only get free update one time, which shows Q1 2014? And next year I will not see any option for 2015/2016 upgrade, since my HU was bought back in 2014?
  5. Naviextras map update question

    I guess my question really is: should I update it now? if I download it now, and update it to 2014 Q1, would I be able to get another free update in future? Thanks for all your reply btw.
  6. Naviextras map update question

    What you said about registration date on Naviextras.com make sense to me. But it could also means I just started a ticking bomb. The GPS signal things confuse me more since I bought it 10 months ago, and have been using GPS signal all the time?
  7. Naviextras map update question

    After the purchase about 10 months ago, I was checking back to see the map update option for my AVIC-6000NEX and found many confusing terms in the forum. 1) On the Pioneer official website, it says "Customers who purchase Pioneer NEX products from authorized Pioneer dealers are eligible to update to the latest available map database free of charge during the first 45 days of operation (from the unit’s first receipt of an active GPS signal). To update the map database, visit Naviextras' website to download the Naviextras Toolbox.", So it looks like this free update offer is only valid for the first 45 days after using. 2) I installed Naviextras Toolbox, and found out I still have a option for Q1 2014 map (North America) update. Even though it looks like they offer a $129 option for Q2 2014. 3) Some members mentioned in this forum that this is a one time free offer, so implied to hold off the update until it's "necessary". I don't see anywhere this one time offer thing mentioned, and the 45 days limitation doesn't apply to my case. Should I download the update? And would I lose the free update if I download it now?
  8. Maximum size of microSD card in NEX5000 ?

    Good discussion here. I'm glad I can always learn something every time here.
  9. Maximum size of microSD card in NEX5000 ?

    Is there any substantial proof that reformatting a SDXC will make its data unstable? I know that NTFS has extra journaling feature that require more read/write, which might add a tiny bit more to the flash wearing. But from what I read so far I don't have anywhere mentioning that the difference is big. I'm using a 64GB SDXC reformatted to NTFS in my AVIC-6000NEX, and the performance is pretty good. I don't know how long will it last honestly. But I'd probably stick with NTFS for now and happily enjoy its larger capacity over 32GB until I see some scientific figure or theory persuade me otherwise.
  10. Maximum size of microSD card in NEX5000 ?

    If you format 64GB to NTFS which is easy in Windows 8, or to FAT32 using 3rd party tool, then you should be OK. I'm guessing there is NO maximum size limit really to the NEX unit if you're using NTFS.
  11. I just had X940BT installed, and played around it so far. The video playback is really limited, and the color depth seems to be limited as well. Most video files converted through handbreak will show some color mosaic on the HU, no matter how high bitrate was used. Anyway, I'm impressed with this HU overall. I've applied startup screen warning message, and got rid of rear camera caution text. Thanks for the experts in this forum, who made those hacks really easy. The only problem left is how to display some chinese characters embedded in some chinese MP3. I searched through the forum, it seems I need two things: 1) A Font CAB file. Someone was trying to look for the link as it's obsolete and broken, but no answers so far. I can try google to find a equivalent file and give them try. 2) Edit registry. I only know how to get into test mode, but the GUI is really crappy, and I don't know how to make changes to registry under service mode. Do I have to install Condi Hacks? If I installed it, is it easy to revert back to original state? Thanks