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  1. igo backup for nex 5000

    so thanks for all the help..lol..i got it fixed with the correct data.zip..still looking for script patch
  2. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    back from the deaddd..anybody have the files to upload once agian,.....dfgh\
  3. igo backup for nex 5000

    i have deleted igo folder from file manager in test mode, if anybody has a back up of igo folder..i have some errors from radio aswell if anybody can understand them..also if anybody has patch igo script x000(5000-8000NEX F960BT/DAB F60BT/DAB) FW 1.11/1.13/1.14/1.15 - iGO ver: they can send as all links are dead.. thanks
  4. Script for maps F970bt

    can u post download or message me link please..i have deleted igo folder and lost gps..all links i find are dead. thank you