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  1. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    sorry for the delay, it's been a buys week at work. I found the SD card inside the unit but as I guessed it's PW protected and I don't know how to extrapolate the PW from the new unit / old unit to unlock it. I don't even know if this would resolve the issue but at least it would be 100% 4100 SW on a 4000 instead of a partial upgrade like the FW seems to be. I need to be able to sell one of my units so I hesitate in destroying them any further haha. Also I have had no luck getting anyone interested on XDA...
  2. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    Screen swapping won't work, I know this because thats the safety feature of the devices. you take the head unit off when leaving your vehicle and if someone steals your radio, its useless, they can't just buy another and use that, it has to be paired.
  3. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    Hey guys update time, I just bought a 4100NEX to upgrade to but while I have both I'll be comparing the differences physically to see what is happening here. So far I can boot to 1.08 (4000) on my 4100 and experience similar problems as the other way around so I really am starting to think that they changed some of the hardware and didn't make it clear. The big difference is the screen. not so much the resolution but the presentation. on the 4100 the screen is actually glass like, not that "film" of plastic on the 4000. Its very dense and gloss like in finish not matte. This is the first thing I noticed right off the bat. I'll be looking into swapping the internal SD Card out to see what happens when I do that (pulling the 4100 SD card and using it in the 4000). But I think I will have to find the devices password to get this to work so we shall so how that goes.
  4. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    so I spent the weekend playing around with the open source files pioneer uploads and I just don't know enough about android to really get it yet. Anyone here know anything about compiling android code or work with AOSP? I posted on XDA a while back but didn't hear anything.
  5. Pioneer 4100 NEX Install Issues

    its a short somewhere. I'd almost guarantee it. Check the grounding wire for the HU as well as speaker wires, make sure they are well insulated. If you can. Pull the HU and take some pictures of the wiring (if possible. I know sometimes the wiring is tight).
  6. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    thinking about trading out as well unless we can find a way to open the firmware files (which we wont cause they are compiled so are most likely just binary noise with a bunch of placeholder 0's and nonsense). I have plenty of programming experience but none in android / compiling android. But all of their code is published as open source, so I feel we have everything we need, I just don't have the right experience for this code. http://www.oss-pioneer.com/car/multimedia/files/avic-5000nex/index.htmlcode for our units (X000NEX) http://www.oss-pioneer.com/car/multimedia/files/avic-5100nex/index.htmlcode for X100NEX Units
  7. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    somewhat how I expected it to work with the "recovery" file in the firmware but interesting still. I wonder if doing the full 1.03 upgrade and then reverting the bluetooth back to 1.08 (just bluetooth) does anything? If not than it may be something higher level than the bluetooth...
  8. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    sent a message, time to wait and see.
  9. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    anyone know how to contact this fail0verflow site? seems this is right up there alley, and since the tools are all laid out i'm wondering if we can entice them to take a look.
  10. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    so about this whole open source thing.... http://www.oss-pioneer.com/car/multimedia/files/avic-5000nex/index.html http://www.oss-pioneer.com/car/multimedia/files/avic-5100nex/index.html if this is separate from the firmware, as my understanding of this post after a very brief read makes me think it might be. https://fail0verflow.com/blog/2014/enhancing-the-avic-5000nex-pt2.html How do we use the OS files to get the 4000 up to date. I mean hell if its all out there, how do we get it onto the 4000?
  11. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    agreed.... BUTTTT at the same time I prefer their looks and final products over the competition any day. Nothing looks as good or runs as smooth in my opinion. I just hate the life cycle. thats mostly due to it being a small market and lack of competition though.
  12. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    another interesting find about the bluetooth audio... wonder if anyone else has noticed this. If I play SXM and then try to load pandora (via bluetooth), I get so no sounds obviously, but when I return to SXM the volume is SUPER muted. at full blast i can now barely hear SXM playing. Has anyone else noticed this? I wonder if it really is just bluetooth or if its something bigger with audio management in the system... Thoughts?
  13. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    hey guys so sorry i've been AFK, been busy at work. I completely agree about getting to a recovery mode, and whomever posted the screens of the HW versions I was curious about checking this as well. The interesting thing is that under Bluetooth there is a separate option for update Bluetooth software (or something very similar) but I have not seen a separate Bluetooth software update from pioneer to try anything with. I don't think i'm ballsy enough to try to FORCE the update to fail haha... My thoughts are that it keeps a backup of the image locally before installing the new OS and if the OS fails then upon next boot it just resorts back to the old OS. Complete guess though as I obviously haven't tried it. IDK it might not really break anything, I mean pioneer has to have thought of a secure way of handling this without ruining peoples HW due to something stupid like taking the key out or the battery not lasting through the update. Anyone have the stones? Getting bluetooth Audio can't be as hard as it looks right now.....
  14. Upgrading NEX4000 to NEX4100 - Work in Progress

    damn, well since everyone is having problems, even on identical models (8100 = 8000 part for part right????) im not sure what to take away from that. I'll try a few more things out but we may be SOL unless pioneer releases another FW for the X100 series that plays nicer. unless of course someone far more talented than I can open the .prj files, but I assume these are just packages for compiled code and won't make any sense regardless of how it is opened.
  15. Buy 4000NEX or wait for the 4100NEX

    not quite sure to be honest. It seems like any audio that comes from the phone doesn't quite work right. its strange.