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  1. I've successfully installed it on a non official 3.0 F900BT. Works great!
  2. Well, answering to myself, I just tried to install the 3.020200 update from the Pioneer site and all went well.
  3. I've recently bought an European Avic-f900BT and i'm portuguese so I would like to install the portuguese TTS voice on my device. I've read the user manual, where it is written that the TTS voice files are on the CD provided with the device, but I've explored the mentioned cd and I can only find the PDF manuals, no TTS voice files... Can someone please upload them or tell me where to find them? Thank you
  4. This is how I've done it after reading dragon24's tutorial: 1 - Download the files on the first post, testmode 2.3 2 - In an 2GB SD card put WINCEIMG.BIN & WINCEIMG.CKS that are on the MyFlash folder on the root, create an testmode dir (with test mode in it). 3 - Start your car 4 - Press and hold the menu, map, eject buttons at the same time and hit the reset button. 5 - Once you hit the reset button, you will hear a pop sound from your speakers. 6 - Then the DVD/CD drive will load. When you hear this let go of the eject button but continue to hold menu and map buttons. 7 - This
  5. Thanks, just upgraded my F900BT to 3.000300. I just would like to know if anyone has successfully upgraded an F900BT EU from this 3.000300 to 3.020200.
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