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  1. yeah...... any hints for your next feat of magic.... i cant live without your previous mod... not really sure on how i'm going to design it, i'll probably fix the last reported bug on skin 1 and 2 and hopefully have some ideas by then Think the skin is as good as it gets, but I have some suggestions. bluetooth ON/OFF button would be nice (hate that blue led at night) phone button for easy access to dialpad, etc Setting to switch off highway signs when on cruise or only active when navigating. (sometimes they overlab the shortcut menu) And I really appreciate your work,
  2. Are you sure you are looking on the right connector? It looks like the one with the iso connect and not the aux one.
  3. Yes think it will be pretty safe to upgrade, primary changes in the firmware is mainmenu.exe and the included UK map.
  4. Released Dec. 3rd 2009 Should fix following: Ver. 3.020200 - Countermeasure for blue areas in UK map - MSN tab appearing in Disc tracklist mode http://www.pioneer.dk/files/support/avi ... 020200.zip Dunno if it will change anything else, but will give it a try tonight.
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