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  1. Hi. I done the mod on my F310BT and it works great. Is there anybody who has the original apps downloaded from the AVICFEED 2.4 PC app?
  2. Hello. Is here anyone who can help me? I need backup files for my F310BT or a working backup from an modified device, because I'm afraid i will brick my device if i do this method, as i read from the prev. posts... Is there any working method to get get this device working with modified software, like iGO8 or Primo. I had a problem with my device it is an F310BT on 1.0004 Firmware, but the AvicFeed icon is grey and if i start the unit the navigation starts and not the laucher. How can i reset this to work properly, because i have don reset with button, from software but nothing helped me. I also downloaded the AvicFeed PC app to get the apps but it not recognise any SD card ot the unit in PC connectivity mode....
  3. Hi, i read this and i'm wondering is it possible to port this app to our favorite AVIC F SERIES... IGO Nextgen | Maps 2015 Q3 | Speedcam | TMC | TMCPro | TTS Pro | working NX501EAV Hello together, after a couple of weeks i got the IGO Nextgen working on my Clarion NX501EAV Radio so i want to provide it here. - Maps Q3 2015 NL/L/BE/D/F - Speedcams all over Europe - Working Sound with NX501E(AV) - Resolution fixed to 800 x 480 - Buildings / POI / POI Ext working fine - TMC and TMCPro working fine - all licenses included - Clocktime is syncing to radio - Radiostation is shown correct - TTS working fine (now really) - Complete fixed skin (original) - histspeed included - license and other folders cleared Original link: http://www.gpspower.net/igo-primo-nextgen-software/340348-igo-nextgen-9-19-5-584533-maps-2015-q3-speedcam-tmc-tmcpro-working-nx501eav.html
  4. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    YW. so don't be afraid, this is normal, and i think if you read the AVIC Net topic this can change back, only some file needs to modify i think...
  5. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Jesus This is normal, the AVIC NET does this, because the start screen is this. This is because if you drive @ night, then this splash screen won't burn out your eyes If you hit the button on the "Kaart" then the normal "stock" map appears. If you push menu button then the stock menu splash appears = Avicnet, Contact, Audio if i remember... If you push long the MENU button then NEXTGEN starts. If you push long MAP button, then backgroung light adjust comes in. So, i hope i helped with this, but this is not a BUG, this is a feature. BR
  6. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Hi, what is this means? Can u share a picture what do you see? Stock navi is Working? What ani issues you have?
  7. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Hi. Now it's working fine i put some older (2015) licence files in, because i only have older maps, but now all things working fine ú Here some pictures:
  8. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Start copying content to unit system is runung NextGen is starting ... tada.wav :D
  9. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    So... how to say... IT'S ALIVE AND WORKING FINE!!! I just installed it, and its awesome. as i see is stable then the previous ones what i have tested for Kajoe. So many many many many thanks for Kajoe for this bulid. I think now it can be place in to the completed mods/themes folder because it works. I will paste some screenshots is, i have the GPS problem too, but i will write into the sys.txt and run it again, but now i'm so excited
  10. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Hi ok, i will try it @ this weekend
  11. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Hi. Thx, @ the weekend i will upload into my device and make a try. many thanx! We sholud use OEM AVIC software to teh start, or AVICnet, Hybrid is good for the basic also?
  12. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Hi. I will ask the guy who has made this for me, and i will share whit you and the other members also. What i use is working, but its not fine, because the job is not done.
  13. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    I found a newer version if someone can help with the ROM cooking please contact me. Igo Nextgen ZENEC v9.19.5.612525 Nov 17 2015 pached wit iGO NextGen WinCE Patcher For me work Thanks to pabfig for this news http://www105.zippyshare.com/v/Fw2TcRxR/file.html Or who has made my ROM what is use now, he has made a port to HTC S100 PDA: http://www.gpspower.net/igo-primo-nextgen-software/343232-igo-nextgen-9-19-5-612525-kajoe-pongo-s100-19-05-16-superfast-smooth.html
  14. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    It is working!!! i just need help from experienced ROM makers, because i have som issues whit it. It reboots randomely, if i go back with the menu button then i can't go back with the MAP buttton. I installed it to a working Hybrid 4.001 but if someone can make work together then i can share what i got. Unfortunate i'm not haveing enough time to test but if the someone of the BIG OLD BOYS can get this done then i thing all the forum members want to use this.
  15. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Somethig is starting... (Not my work! I just test it!)
  16. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    Hi. At the moment i can't find a working solution to try this out, because i have only winCE5 emulator, but the NextGen is working on CE6 Is there a working emulator somewhere or how should i start to cook a working firmware? If anyone can help please send me PM where can i found a working WinCE6 emulator and a frimware which is useing CE6 image, if F900BT use CE6...
  17. IGO Nextgen - Is it possible to port?

    I have download the files, if i have some time to take a try, i will make it. Maybe i can integrate it in Hybrid or AVICNet...
  18. Is it possible to get this work with the AVIC ? Someone did port NextGen to a 2009 Clarion NX501. http://www.gpspower.net/igo-primo-nextgen-software/340348-igo-nextgen-9-19-5-584533-maps-2015-q3-speedcam-tmc-tmcpro-working-nx501eav.html
  19. Now i'm done with this. It is ok now.
  20. How can i load a language(text and speech) to f500bt

    may we read this guide somwhere?
  21. How can i change the System language to a different one, of is it possible to put in other languager which are not listed in the menu?
  22. Basic Reboot Loop Fix

    Hi. I have get baack my head unit from a halfbrick via uboot, thx for the site and the lot of great posts. I forgot ot backup my Head unit My Disc folder, and i flash the Hybrid 4.001 and now a lot of Languages are mising i have only France, Eng., Ger., and i mis a lot of other system language. Is it possible to add languege after the install or how can i add any language ? BR.