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  1. F500BT 3.0 PLT and APL dump..

    Here's 330 bluetooth update if it helps. Bluetooth_Ver3.3.PRIMARY HW100-SW330 RC3.zip AVIC F-Series Bluetooth Software Update Instructions.pdf
  2. F500BT 3.0 PLT and APL dump..

    Looks like similar behavior to here: viewtopic.php?t=25231
  3. This is navigation. Can we have this??

    Its not iGo, its Navigon. They provide the hardware and the software solution. Previous versions are also available for pda on sd card, thats the ones used on leetlauncher / miopocket etc. The hardware is also nice, capacitive screen (like iphone, htc hd2 and many more nowadays..)
  4. If its still a stock unit without ever being modded and doesn't recognize multiple SD cards you tried, then it's probably a hardware failure and you should contact either the place you bought it from or Pioneer directly via their support page. That is assuming the device is registered and under warranty. However, first try booting testmode via USB by the solution I proposed to you in the hacking forum and please try to avoid double posting.
  5. He meant flashing WINCE in service mode. You should be able to start testmode from USB using this http://www.4shared.com/file/139589057/2 ... e_USB.html . Just unpack it to a USB flash drive, plug in and cold start the avic. Once booted from USB you should first check if a well formatted SD card is recognized by windows when inserted.
  6. Testmode and other Windows CE Systems

    It might work if its based on the same Centrality development platform.
  7. More likely the wince/software version but not sure. The consensus was that the X series was just this year's model - same hardware like last year with the bundled version 3.0.
  8. EGNOS?

    It needs to be supported by the chipset, given our avics are made by centrality which is currently owned by Sirf, I'm guessing we may be running a Sirfstar III chipset. Previous attempts to use WAAS (the US equivalent to EGNOS) by users running the SirfStar III chipset on some mio devices, has proven little to no difference. Edit: Further research shows it can either be a Sirfstar III LP chip (from the F500BT service manual) or a 40 channel centrality gps device integrated with the cpu platform named Sirf Titan GPS V5, so I can't know of its capabilities. I tried to access the gps chip directly using a Sirf utility but its not responding to commands. According to the specs, both can be WAAS/EGNOS enabled.
  9. F500BT 3.0 PLT and APL dump..

    This was taken from package CNSD-150FM, SD#2.
  10. Switzerland

    Speedcams are illegal in Switzerland (Austria & Germany too) so igo is hard-coded to not display them if your gps coverage is within the country. Not sure how its handled for the other 2 countries.
  11. The calibration settings are stored in HKLM\HARDWARE\DEVICEMAP\TOUCH\CalibrationData and I noticed they change to their defaults every time I boot in testmode. On my F500BT the defaults are: 506,504 730,356 727,652 285,652 281,357 There is a calibration.bin file saved on 'My Flash Disk' but I'm not sure when it is being read. I know it is being updated when you run the calibration via Pioneer menus. Maybe the Pioneer shell reads it and updates the registry key on consecutive startups.
  12. F500BT 3.0 PLT and APL dump..

    Added APL.
  13. Euro Cradle for US F500BT

    Never mind, its good news as long as it works. We would also need to try get the msndirect buttons to disappear and be replaced with tmc. In which country do you get the TMC info?
  14. F500BT 3.0 PLT and APL dump..

    Read here to learn how to flash the wince image to the F500BT: viewtopic.php?t=25838 The EU & US versions of the file are identical.
  15. Euro Cradle for US F500BT

    The one bundled with my US unit is CZX5422. You're right in powering it up with both voltages, it is required for the cradle to work - thats what I did when testing the MSND at home anyway. One way to approach it is in testmode, running igo8 which can search for the serial port/protocol. The other way would be to try adding the following to sys.txt: [tmc] source="gns" port="COM,4" This is taken from the original data.zip, the setting for PIONEER749EW, in case its still being detected as UC.