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  1. I have read thru all the upgrade topics and can't find how to upgrade the maps for the 140 all the upgrades seem to be for the 130 or below am I missing something?
  2. Well Crap. Don't laugh but... It would help if I had a z3 lol. Just realized I have a z140bh. I have had so many freaking radios I forget what I got!
  3. Ok so... I have Downloaded Z3 2012 CNDV-1100HD HDD IMAGE. I have also Downloaded the Pioneer Service Disk but... It says Unreadable. I have burned it several times using different methods. So I was going to try the method mentioned on this thread. But.. Don't laugh or flame where is the 2 screws to remove the HD? I have not actually removed the radio yet but thought I would ask so I would know going in.
  4. Ok so my wife calls me to tell me the radio is not coming on. After a litttle investigation I have discovered when I boot into test mode and go to MY DISK there are no files there. Its like its been wiped. Any suggestions or opinions on WTH happened?? and wouldn'nt you know the backup files are no where to be found. so now what?? Help please!
  5. is more info needed? Or am I the only one that has this problem
  6. Does anyone know what file I need to edit so that my f90bt will have the right screen settings. I recovered my bricked unit with a f700 file so now every time I go into testmode I have to recalibrate the stylus!
  7. Thank guys so much. Its amazing how much better this unit is thank to you guys. I am about to start working on it tonight and will report back.
  8. I am currently using Diaftia's Keeper mod (love it). I want to add some schemes. I was able to add some of IDT's schemes and was successful. But I want to use some of dpdurst schemes. I copied all of the GPX files he has graciously shared. I copied all the schemes he shared. I copied nightguidancearrow.spr and nightguidancearrow.bmp (System crashed and said these files were missing) to ui_pioneer/common but now it just keeps rebooting so what else am I missing? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Yes I have successfully got my contacts to sync and I have probably close to 300. I get a message after pairing for permission to sync contacts. Now the procedure to get to it work I forget but I have for sure got it to sync twice. I will do it again tomorrow because I just had to do a full format on my system and I have not had a chance to re-sync them. Another way to prevent the hang up is I switch to speakerphone then just turn the bluetooth on the phone off then switch back to normal. (The only reason I switch to speaker is so I don't have to tell the person to hold on!)
  10. Every-time I turn off my car it ends my call? Anyone else having this problem?
  11. I need help. I have tried this and successfully did all the steps and it still will not boot. I keep getting a mainmenu.exe failure. Also while looking in system properties I noticed it thinks my unit is a F700 and its really a f90bt could this be part of the problem?
  12. Which file did you use? I have a f90bt US version
  13. Whats the easiest way to mute the sound?
  14. Great Freaking Job! I love it!! One question is there a way to change the MPH on the Navigation screen  (Right above ETA) to Time To Arrival? I like to know how many minutes to go versus having to do the math in my head!
  15. Inconsistent loading of Navigation.

    Ok I think my problem is not necessarily fixed but I figured out that it only does it the first few times right after a reset. before what I would do when it would hang is reset it and basically it would start the problem over again. I figured out that if i just leave it alone until the map came on (sometimes 20 minutes) it would works as advertised Its been working fine for the last few days and today I reset it because I could not get my phone to connect and the problem was back until I let it do its thing!