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  1. I haven't even had the AVIC for ~2 years now, but if you search the Hacks forum for "color scheme" or "schemes" there would be quite a few different ones. On the stock system, there are a couple different colors available, you can find them somewhere in Display settings, I believe.
  2. Aren't units configurable through standard iGO settings? They were last time I used AVIC, as well as in any iGO skin I have ever seen. For maps, if you had searched the forum, you would have found tons and tons of color schemes, as well as some hints for editing your own.
  3. From the internet. Media Player uses Gracenote database of CD information, I believe. If having it is important enough, you could copy the CD and burn a new copy including that info. Most CD burning tools can do it for you.
  4. You're welcome. Well, generally, if the maps you, ahem, acquire elsewhere need a license different from the ones that are attached to EZRider archives here, it would be posted somewhere at the same spot as the maps. If new licenses become needed, I'm sure they will pop up around here as well...
  5. Actually, you do not need anything from Pioneer (and there would not be such a thing as Pioneer's license for any map you did not buy from Pioneer). You need the hacked EZRider, and whatever iGO license is appropriate to the maps you want to use.
  6. You're welcome. There is an audio in, but as far as I know, even if you manage to route BT's output to it, there;s ni way to make AVIC switch to it autiomatically, when the call comes in. After all, AVIC was designed as a self-contained unit. For rear speakers, yes, it does sound like a connection problem.
  7. I used to have an F90 in an A3. While the BT itself is, I believe, a separate device, once you took the Concert audio out, where exactly would the sound from the Bluetooth unit go? there is no separate sound mixing/amplification/output system there, all was handled by the Concert unit. I suppose you could, theoretically, get a separate amplifier and set of speakers, and wire them to BT box, somehow, and make something that sets the MUTE signal on the AVIC when BT output is active, really, it would not be worth the trouble. Just turn on BT in the AVIC and use it as nature intended
  8. Since F700 does not have A2DP hardware, you can't hack it, although some people had success using an A2DP dongle plugged into AVIC's audio input. Obviously, this way there's no way to control playback from the AVIC itself. I don't know how GS2 presents its internal memory to AVIC, so you may want to try using the card, and don't put music too deep in the folder hierarchy.
  9. Searhing for "schemes" returns quite a few hits. Also, basically any iGO color scheme would work, may be with renaming of few files in the scheme definition...
  10. Without any maps (did you leave at least the Basemap file) iGO will not start, and if iGO does not start, the system doesn't either. Also, since you can get into Testmode, launch EZRider from the testmode and see what error messages are shown.
  11. No, there is NO way to do control an Android music player with this (or any other) headunit. The best you could do would be to put music (MP3) on the phone's storage card, connect in disk drive mode, and play files as if it were a connected USB stick.
  12. Pretty much everything on the A3 (I had an 07 A3 before) is controlled through the CAN bus, so if either the adapter is bad, or it wass not installed properly, all kinds of weird things would happen. Try taking it out and see if everything works properly...
  13. Yeah. I doubt it has Pioneer-specific stuff in it, but at least it should be easier to play with most other settings...
  14. A SYS file editor from Spain, found on a Russian forum with English and French translation SysConfigurator_1_2_1.rar
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