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  1. AVIC-8100NEX Crashing!

    Oh geez nevermind, I just noticed I had the wrong model.
  2. AVIC-8100NEX Crashing!

    Correction the latest firmware is 1.20!
  3. AVIC-8100NEX Crashing!

    The same happened to me once, so far while using Waze. The latest firmware is 1.14. You might try to upgrade as I hear it fixes several CarPlay issues.
  4. AVIC-8000NEX Firmware Update

    When I updated it still says Firmware version 1.14 (not 1.20) I wonder what I am doing wrong. Edit: I figured it out. I had an SD Card installed with 1.14 on it that it was reading.
  5. AVIC-8000NEX Firmware Update

    Thanks for the heads up! Looks like it's mostly CarPlay bug fixes.
  6. iOS 11 Breaks Carplay

    CarPlay works well for me. iPhone 6+ with NEX8000. However, for some weird reason, my USB cable failed. Once I swapped that able it worked fine. Coincidence? Hmmmm
  7. No CarPlay on 8000NEX?

    Did you try the other USB port? Carplay only works on one of the two, I forgot which.
  8. I have 6+ On 8.4 and CarPlay running perfect.
  9. CarPlay to go Wireless

    From the WWDC today: "CarPlay: Audio apps, now supports apps by automakers to control things in the car. More kinds of screens, HiDPI. Wireless CarPlay. Apple to get in car without taking phone out of the bag and start experiencing CarPlay effortlessly." Coming Fall 2015. http://9to5mac.com/2015/06/08/carplay-ios-9/#more-383625
  10. HDMI Possibilities!

    I connect my iPhone via the A/V Adapter and can watch DirecTV using my Slingbox!
  11. Appradio mode with iPhone 6

    Both Carplay and App Radio use USB 1 only. When using app radio you are only using the USB for charging. The lightening adapter does not pass though USB data. So yes, its a pain in the ass. Hopefully Pioneer updateàs can find a solution for this sad incovienience.
  12. CarPlay vs. AppRadio Mode

    Great topic! I use Car Play mainly. However, I miss my Waze. Waze is critical to life in Los Angeles. I also like to put football on the HDMI when I'm stuck in traffic. I really hate what a pain it is to switch back an forth, but when I do I tend to stay in that mode until I'm forced to switch. One thing I learned is that when you are in App Radio Mode phone calls are handled by unreliable bluetooth. Whereas CarPlay uses the mic directly and the people on the other end of the line can hear me much better.
  13. Anyone know how I can get Waze to work on AppRadio mode?

    There's a setting inside the waze app that allows it to be controlled by app radio. Scroll all the way down in settings to "External Device" and flip on "control waze from car unit."
  14. Hacking the NEX Software

    If you hold down your map button your rear camera will pop on. #readthereleasenotes
  15. AppRadio support for iOS 8

    I don't see it either.