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  1. hello I have an avic F940BT I downloaded the official 5.1 update I put it in the microsd with the texmode file as it comes in the zip started to update but the black screen turned on and does not turn on anything

  2. testmode and firmware 4.01 ?

    Yeah you need to become educated... Read through and use the search function all this has been explained lots of times
  3. F700BT bad SDMLC flash

    Yup yo solved your own problem...
  4. AVIC-F900BT

    no you have to do a decent amount of work but its all about moving files from one place to another. Its pretty simple.
  5. SD Card / USB input not working

    I think its the type of cards/thumb drives you are using. Firmware doesnt matter as mentioned above the 700-900-90 are all the same. yes you can use USB instead of SD.
  6. Basic Reboot Loop Fix

    glad to hear it... sorry i wasnt able to respond sooner
  7. The the files should work with all f900-90-700 series
  8. These files are the US files. If you did SDMLC files of a US in a UK you prob will get bad effects. But there were also UK SDMLC files in there. The back up is also US so that won't work, you'd need a euro backup like from this original post.
  9. F910BT iPhone compatability?

    They do. BUT you have to have the songs downloaded. So it has to previously been played on iPhone
  10. F910BT iPhone compatability?

    There is no Bluetooth streaming of audio on f700, f90, f900 f910
  11. Help with F7010bt

    Plus isn't the f7010 a EU unit?
  12. Help with F7010bt

    You also have to move its pin hole. Do daftias soft mod it's a self install and see if you can then get access.
  13. Dafia3.6 Mod+FW4.0 and Speedcams.

    You should be able to either A) add a new one or modify a current one. Personally I have the volume turned off because in local area know where they are and it becomes annoying.
  14. Avic F700BT configuration issues

    It doesn't sound like you wired the correct constant acc wire. It will save your splash screen ext but not your other things. Splash screen gets logged into its long term memory station and other presets not so much.