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  1. Thanks Tail24 , that was my error, but the file I linked to is the correct EW file , which Thank god i got from your AVIC download file that you kindly shared in your thread called Torrent full of Avic Files, and for those that are interested here is the link http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/34050-torrent-full-of-avic-f-files/ Thanks
  2. Hey everyone About two weeks ago I accidentally wiped my files from my unit and have since then reading through threads on this amazing site and in all honestly all credit goes to a member on this site by the name of TAIL24 who seriously helped with all my question. As i was going through all the threads I found that a lot of the links were down or no longer working, or that most files are of the US / CAN models, so seeing as I managed to get my unit back and running after so many trials i decided to help the gents and ladies of European F900BT owners. After deleting my files from
  3. Hi I have bricked my United Kingdom F900bt , I have honestly tried every solution on this site to no avail, i have spent the last two weeks reading every thread I coud in this great forum, and no like a Muppet I unfortunatley did not do a backup of my files, so far this is what I have managed to get my unit to do I would like to mention a special thanks for TAIL24 for all your help and advice , cheers mate 1. to get to the screen with the DESTINATION, CONTACTS, AV SOURCE , whereupon I am able to access the settings button , enter the AV to chose Radio , but at soon as I press the m
  4. Hi everyone I have a F900BT brought in the UK, I stupidly erased "my flash disk" last week with no backup, since the last 7 days i have read every threead i could , but most files were either on megaupload which is no longer with us "RIP MEGAUPLOAD" or Piratebay which is not working and blocked, or generally the links dont work. i tried using Tails24's files that he kindly shared , but no luck so far , i think its cause its a North America backups and wince's. Therefore I kindly beg of anyone that has UK backup files that they could share with me i would be so grateful or if they know
  5. Hi I just bought the Avic F900BT ( uk model ) after researching many others brands and the thing that sold me on it is the voice recognition , but alas after installing i found out it dosent have it, im well cheesed off, English is English be it UK or states or Australia , so i dont see why it dosent have it , im still impressed by the unit, but it would have been the icing on the cake to have that feature, if anyone has found a fix for the UK model to have voice recognition would really appreciate is they can post it. strange thing is when you go to the settings there is the option
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