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  1. Hey. I have a F900 BT, which has stopped working. Its keeps starting over. Seems like the boot sector is screwed. nothing happens. Reset button does not work, Cant get in to service Mode. Test Mode is not working. Anyone know what I can do
  2. Hey. I have installed a AVIC F30 unit in my saab 9-5 - 00. The snag is that the GPS can not fix the position on the map. Voice guided tour does work ok. I guess the pink wire must be connected. The question is where on the saab. Does anyone know I would be grateful.
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    Ipod cables

    Hi, Does anyone know what the real difference between these cables. CA-IW.51V and CA IW.50. I ordered the CA IW.51V but got CA-IW.50 whitch the supplier claimed had the same features. CA-IW.50 CA-IW.51V Roge.
  4. Hi Providers. I have also got me a F30, I wonder if you have managed to bypass the unit?
  5. Hello. I have a European version of the F900 BT, which I suspect has a U.S. firmware. Trying to install the EU version of the firmware, but fails to incorrect software. Is there any way to remove the firmware?
  6. Hello. My unit is just to restart the entire tiden.Jag come so far that you can use everything but the navigation . I've tried to install my backup but the same result. Does anyone have any idea I would be grateful. Bjork.
  7. Hi. I did the same thing, and now nothing work. It reboots and then " system startup, please wait" I can use the radio and the cd but not the gps, and soon it will reboot. any idea why? Roger.
  8. So it has nothing to do with the firmware. It all seems a bit strange. It was one of the reasons that I got this unit.
  9. Does anyone know why there is no voice command the European model of F900BT? Is there a difference in the hardware? I'm from Sweden.
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