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  1. 2013 Map Upgrade

    I think that the mapping software that comes with the systems is all outdated. I just purchased a new AVIC-X950BH, one month ago. It is supposed to have the latest maps being a new unit, right? I am in a new city and I typed an address 2250 Central Avenue, which is a long time address in my city. it was not found, it said that it only goes to number 1699 for Central Ave. I thought that this was weird as the building has been constructed for 20 years, so I typed the address in to my co-pilot which also has Navteq maps and it was there. This tells me that my 'NEW' AVIC-X950BH has old maps. The punch line is that it does not even say the year of the maps, just that the mapping software is 1.000000, nothing that refers to a date.
  2. AVIC "F" Series Bypass (Picture Guide)

    I have been away from this forum for a long time. Can anyone confirm that this is the same bypass for the X950BT?
  3. galaxy nexus image

    Here ya go! Can you please post in the proper forum though. This is one for Completed Mods ONLY! Extract the 'image.res' file and place the two files in 'Image/Common' folder Put in Image-Common.rar
  4. Solid state drive works with f900

    Did you hook the enclosure up directly to the usb cable? Hmmm, that may be what I might do with my spare 120 GB SSD! What would be an accomplishment is to have a SSD integrated into the AVIC to replace its meager 2GB memory. This would be extremely difficult as the 2GB flash is attached right to the motherboard
  5. I agree with you totally! Ryar has done an excellent job keeping the interest in this forum going with the Primo and Avicnet (it is just not for me), as it has sparked interest into this forum and kept it rolling. Unfortunately, I think that these mods are at their limit now. I may however, get back into modifying the Avic graphically again, once I get really bored with my V5,0
  6. I have to disagree with putting Avicnet into it. I tried running the Igo Primo and was VERY dissapointed. The Avicnet seems to be close to the same ordeal. What this does is incorporate all the old crappy nav systems that are on sub $99 systems and puts them on the Avic. All these old nav systems do not compare to the updated modded Systems that we have running here. I had a buddy in my car for the first time and he said that my Avic (with my Abb 5.0) was the best looking NAV system he has ever seen in a vehicle. If I would have been running the Primo that I was before, he would not even have noticed as it looks and operates the same as any sub $99 external Nav system out there. I was initially going to put TomTom in with my 5.0. I tried it for a week and was depressed at how Generic the TomTom system looked that I deleted the file and thought, why would I be going backwards by putting a 10 yr old program into my Avic, with few, if any changes graphically.
  7. Updated 2011 maps

    Highway signs do work for NT maps, however, not the same way as the TA maps. Using NT maps, I only see hwy signs in major cities such as Toronto, Montreal. However, using TA maps, I see signs for EVERY exit on major hwy's all across Ontario. The hwy signs are there in NT, just limited.
  8. Updated 2011 maps

    I finally got the Navteq 2011 maps installed. Comparison of Navteq VS TeleAtlas 2011 maps: The TA maps have been nicely updated. The hwy signs now have route numbers on them as well. Also, there are many updated speed limit signs here now in Canada. New roads that have been constructed here are also now showing up in these new maps. The Navteq maps do not really have any changes in them. Still no hwy signs are present that I can see. New roads have been updated, but that is it. Here in Canada, Navteq maps have always been more accurate, especially when on Rural roads, but that is now changing as TA is catching up in that dept, and the TA maps have more features (such as hwy signs and exits). Using both, I would definately recommend the TA maps, however, it is definately wise to have both on the system, in case one is lacking the street in question (which has happened with older versions of the TA maps)
  9. Updated 2011 maps

    That is great, but is there a torrent somewhere for this? It will take two days to download all three files unless you BUY a premium upgrade for Link-Safe
  10. The problem is NOT with the mod, as the ipod/main screen is in an entire different section and is not dependent on any mod related to the navigation section, or the 'Data.zip' file. Also, the video works fine on my unit when I am in ipod mode (I always watch videos when I am stuck in traffic), and I have this mod installed as well.
  11. Iphone 4s and bluetooth

    No, that is incorrect! I have had my iPhone 4 running with IOS5 and it was running great. When I switched over to the iPhone 4s, is when I had this problem. The iPhone 4 has bluetooth 2.1, whereas the iPhone 4s has Bluetooth 4.0. I didn't think that this made a difference as it should be backwards compatible, but it now does not connect. I just hoping that my hunch was wrong and that there is someone out there that has a iPhone 4s that does not have bluetooth problems
  12. Hi, I have had my iphone 3GS, Iphone 4, all work with my X910BT. I just gopt the new Iphone 4s and it can not pair up with my AVIC. Does anybody else have this problem?
  13. Primo for AVIC F series!

    Thanks for the reply, Ryar! I am presently using Chucks mod with Primo. That could be what is causing the memory problems as well. You say that the resources are cleared when Primo loads, but it does NOT! The Avic has its user data in a separate file, and not in the Data.zip of the current program. When Primo loads, it has all the resources of chucks mod which where the settings were first originated. Later today, I will try to clear my data in the user data folder and have primo load first always, so that Chucks Nav will not even be in the picture. This way, the resources will only be of the Primo Nav. I have adjusted the Sys.txt to adjust the memory values, and I still got freezes. There again, it could be that it was using the resources of the other mod. This is the reason that when changing mods, you have to delete the igo folder in the 'User Data' folder.
  14. Primo for AVIC F series!

    Well, I have been testing this out now for days. It is very buggy, with constant freezes, and unable to lock satellite. I believe that one reason for this is the size of the Primo file (Data.zip) which is 35 mb in size. When I was creating my V 3.0 in beta during testing, it was originally 27mb in size because of all the new features and graphics that I have added. However, it was not stable and it froze regularly. I reduced the sizes and deleted several bmp's reducing the file size by 5 mb. After that it ran smoothly and was rock solid. I think that this is because of the Avics, low memory, that it cannot handle loading that much data at once from a file. Unfortunately, I looked into the internal workings of the Primo file and it cannot be reduced to a much lower level. I managed to get it down to 34 mb, and that is it. To be able to use Primo flawlessly, I would think that the Avic would need more physical memory
  15. As far as the jet issue, it is because Chuck has somehow permanetly made this mod zoom in and out even with smart zoom disabled. I am having the same issues with smartzoom shut off. Chuck has done so much work with the smart zoom in this mod, that you will have to ask him. I have never been fond of smartzoom. It was great in older mods, but not with the newer modified ones as you want to see as much detail as you can. That is just my opinion though. I want to experiment with Primo, but my next step will be to disable the smart zoom in the script as it is driving me nuts ! Overall, Chuck did a fantastik job with this mod, and he really deserves a pat on the back.