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  1. 5Gen iPod No Sound when conencted

    all fixed now, i was wondering what those extra wires are for Anyways, this goes to show you what happens when you done read...
  2. 5Gen iPod No Sound when conencted

    well what sure does explain why it doesnt work lol, now i gotta take it all apart sigh lol...
  3. 5Gen iPod No Sound when conencted

    also, why does the ipod cable have av cables on it also? yellow/red/white.... what do they go too?
  4. 5Gen iPod No Sound when conencted

    just to confirm i am using the Pioneer USB Cable with the ipod adapter...
  5. 5Gen iPod No Sound when conencted

    I set AV1 to ipod and I see it says playing, but still no sound... Any idea's? My iPod runs version 1.3 and my iphone runs 1.4 both don't work...
  6. 5Gen iPod No Sound when conencted

    does it matter what version of firware i iphone or ipod runs? I will try to switch it to av1 to ipod, i tired that but i didn't get sound, maybe i gotta reset the radio....
  7. ok I searched and didn't find what i was looking for. I have my pioneer cable and my 5th gen ipod. I see it playing, however there is no sound.. I see album art and everything and all my play lists like on my D3, but no audio.. What am i missing here?
  8. though the F series reads the street names?

    what was pioneer thinking? Jason sounds so professional the chick sounds like a computer...... I will see if that feature works...
  9. Hey guys, I though i read someplace the F reads the street names when in navi mode? can anyone confirm this or not?
  10. Aloha all, I saw that someone made a image of how to do the bypass. I took it to the next step I hope this also makes it to the sticky! My New Avic Mute wire in the factory location Mute wire in its new location
  11. Anyone from Canada see these units yet?

    I can ship the F900BT to you I am a authorized Pioneer Dealer. 903.00 + 40.00 for s/h
  12. Cheapest Ive seen them yet

    I run a car audio shop out here in hawaii and I can get the following: PIONEER AVIC-F900BT Item #: AVICF900BT MSRP: $1,200.00 Price: $786.00 PIONEER AVIC-F500BT Item #: AVICF500BT MSRP: $700.00 Price: $459.00 Please note, these prices are my cost, and I am not allowed to sell at cost, i just wanted to show you the pricing. If your interested in one of these, you would pay 15% over cost (903.30), s/h 25.00 to anywhere in the USA, 40 to Canada, of course insurance is included. I cant get premier tho. Everything comes with my distributor in Washington. Let me know if anyone needs anything...

    I don't remember reading, but does this have to be bypassed to use dvd functions or no need to worry about that? I will be ordering mine Monday. upgrading from the D3
  14. Need help finding a Backup Camera for a good price

    I have it all wired already, so i just have to mount this, crimp , plug the rca in and boom, if all is well it will work. My cheap-o cam just scanned , not sure why it didnt work, i plugged my web cam in and that worked, so i assume that the cheap cam i got was crap!
  15. Need help finding a Backup Camera for a good price

    I just got this one: Boyo VTL420 Black I hope thats a good one...