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    no you can still use the DVD and Navi well the car is not moving, what the bypass does it allows u to have a Video on well driving, which the only real use for that would be if someone else in the car was watching it
  2. Sirius connections

    my question is, i have the sat radio unit for the AVIC D3 will I be able to use that one or will i have to get another?

    I'd say so, the D3 does i know that, so I'm guessing it does as well

    best 24 min vid i seen i a long time, thanks for posting them
  5. Cheapest Ive seen them yet

    anyone know the cost to make these?
  6. so who will be waiting

    I would say it would fit in the same dash kit since they are both Double DIN
  7. MSN Direct or XM Traffic

    here is a link if you want to know if you area is in the MSN Direct area http://www.msndirect.com/NavigationDevicesPioneer.aspx?tab=Coverage
  8. Cheapest Ive seen them yet

    well my problem I live in the middle of no where and the close town that would have a authorized dealer is like 125 miles away, so it seems for a internet order of get a friend to buy one for me and send it to me
  9. F90BT for $999 http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_13353_Pioneer+Premier+AVIC-F90BT.html
  10. so who will be waiting

    Well i already have a AVIC D3 in my Accord (which has been passed down to my wife) and i was going to get the AVIC Z3 for my Eclipse but since i heard about the AVIC F more so the AVIC-F90BT, I going to wait Coolest thing about it tho has to be the voice command set up... i mean you don't have to say "Play "artist", "Song title", you can say I want to hear so and so, and it plays its... http://www.slashgear.com/pioneer-avic-f-car-entertainment-voice-recognition-bluetooth-xm-radio-2111271.php
  11. 2002 Honda Accord EX 2 Door

    thankx a bunch
  12. 2002 Honda Accord EX 2 Door

    I just got the car and barely know anything about it, but i was wondering if anyone knew where the VSS is on the car... i called the dealership but since its a aftermarket add on they wont tell me