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  1. Has a z140 been confirmed for CES?

    http://www.bradenton.com/2012/01/09/3777132/new-pioneer-advanced-navigation.html It was announced today.
  2. 2010 map updates CNSD - 200FM

    As do I..
  3. No Highway signs in Canada?

    Updated my F90BT with new firmware. I ive in Toronto and there are there are no road signs in map view either for me. Put in a U.S destination and do a flyover of the route to see if they show up once the flyover crosses into the U.S
  4. Update: Firmware 2.006, Maps, and Mods

    FYI. U.S and Canadian units are identical with identical software as well.
  5. Canadian 3.0 update

    Now the question is, how much $$$$? I wonder if we can pick it up directly from the Pioneer Canadian headquarters?
  6. 3.0 Map/Firmware update released

    This isn't looking good for us Canadians.. I can't find any information on the updates. A "coming soon" on the Canadian Pioneer website would help in the least..
  7. F-Series 3.0 update coming? Wondering what's in it...

    http://parts.pioneerelectronics.com/part.asp?productNum=CPM1064 Check the model numbers
  8. Anyone from Canada see these units yet?

    Which stores? And how much $$
  9. Anyone from Canada see these units yet?

    What's the word ppl? Has anyone figured out where to grab the F90BT's in the GTA or an online retailer that ships to Canada yet?
  10. And, can we set up a Canadian Group buy with someone who ships here?