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  1. I've tried unpairing and repairing my phone from the 8200, but it still won't auto connect. I typically have to go into my phone to manually connect it to the 8200. Would this be a phone problem, or a problem w the 8200nex?
  2. Since the 8200NEX only includes traffic & weather data for like 10 major cities, it seems like the vast majority of users are missing out unless they are from those major cities. Is there some kind of update that adds additional cities?
  3. It wasn't wrong wiring, I guess that the wiring diagram for my vehicle calls for the white plug to be connected to the green plug, and the green to the white. If my vehicle had a factory amp, it would be white to white and green to green.
  4. OK, I figured out a solution I guess. Just had to swap the white plug to the green plug on my wiring harness and vice versa.
  5. Been installing my 8200nex today, and I came across a weird situation. For some reason, it thinks that the rears are the fronts, and the fronts are the rears. If I put the fader 100% to the rear, only the front speakers will play. If I put it 100% to the front, only the rear speakers will play. Left/Right are unaffected by this. My first thought was that I somehow messed up the wiring, but that isn't the case. All colors are correctly matched to the corresponding color on the wiring harness. I'm at a loss for words. This is being installed into a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have the iDatalink CH1 harness, which is being run into the iDatalink Maestro, so that I can maintain my steering wheel controls.
  6. Is Z130BT Bluetooth 3.0?

    I've been searching high and low on the web, and can't find what Bluetooth profile this H/U is. From what I gather, Bluetooth 3.0 has a higher bandwidth capability, resulting in higher audio quality. The only thing I can find out is that the Z130 supports A2DP, which doesn't really tell us anything about which Bluetooth profile is being used.
  7. Splash screen for z140bh

    Grab an SD card, throw a JPEG file in the root of the SD card (don't put it in a folder in other words). You already know how to get to the splash screen option, so once that SD card is in there with a JPEG on it, you should be good to go.
  8. Z130 3D calibration?

    Hmmm, I never thought of that. I didn't hook up the VSS wire cuz it really only serves for dead reckoning, and I don't use the GPS that often anyways. How would the VSS wire affect 3D calibration though? I thought the 3D only had to do with known landmarks or something?
  9. GPS not showing current speed

    I'm confused. Do you use your Nav unit as a speedometer or what? Your logic makes no sense whatsoever.
  10. Z130 3D calibration?

    I've had my Z130 for a few months now, and occasionally I will go into the Nav settings and look at the 3D calibration settings. As of today, the distance is about 2/3 full, and the left and right turn are both 100% full, but the 3D section is 0% complete. Am I doing something wrong? How does a guy get that to go up?
  11. I had the same problem last week. I was confused as all hell, cuz 1 second it worked, the other it wasn't. Wanna know what the fix was? My SD card was ejected slightly from the bottom, causing the unit to not allow it to be tilted. The tilt button was grayed out and everything. As soon as I pushed the SD card back in, everything was hunky dory Seems like a stupid fix, but it's worth a shot.
  12. Legacy045

    Soooo you have 2 stereos in your vehicle? Is that the Z130, and then you have the stock stereo below?
  13. Do I have HD radio now??

    To the OP, make sure your locality actually has HD radio stations. For a while, I thought "Oh cool! Finally some crystal clear radio without having to pay for XM!" And then I looked up, and there isn't an HD radio station for hundreds of miles. Just FYI. http://www.hdradio.com/stations
  14. Look What I Got :) (Avic Z140BH)

    I got a better idea. Keep this thread open, rename it "I bought a stolen Z140BH", and put the videos back up on YouTube.
  15. Look What I Got :) (Avic Z140BH)

    Not to mention receiving stolen property. If the cops come calling, you're kinda screwed.