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  1. Go to Diaftia's mod and download the alternate EzRider.exe, at his first or second post, and replace the one in my mod.
  2. To Ovalball and Steelth, I'm really so sorry since I don't mod anymore. I am quite happy with my setup, my own iGo mod and if I have the mood, Primo 2.0. Ovalball, I don't have any memory issue with Primo 2.0, both Dimika and Gurjon's latest skins. I have the max_mem set ... etc. Steelth, I'm not aware of any limition of 17 schemes (I didn't play with that part of code anyway); you can try isolate out the files having problem by putting one by one ... etc. Good lucks guys!
  3. Ovalball, you would have to make sure that you don't mess up with the iGo baseline though. You'll otherwise be unable to access your AVIC anymore!!!
  4. Hummm, don't know how to help you ovalball but myself I don't use testmode anymore to make change to my mod or Primo, except when the AVIC doesn't boot. If it boots, you can still make change to it by terminating iGo or Primo, then open Explorer or Commander to make changes. Good lucks.
  5. Hummm, check on the following lines of chuck88_800_480.ui and change the alpha level to your liking: ;****************************************************************************** <layer ui_NavigateMapPerm z=3000> ;Mod on-cockpit buttons ------------------------------------------------------- <SPRITE xxx bmp="CW_map_info_bg.bmp" x=583 y=53 z=1 alpha=16 visiblemodel="gps.valid"> <SPRITE xxx bmp="CW_map_info_bg.bmp" x=567 y=53 z=1 alpha=16 visiblemodel="!gps.valid">
  6. Nice to know that you like it. If I remember well, you have to click on INIT, then SCAN, then CHOOSE. It is possible that you have to restard iGo between INIT and SCAN, but I'm not quite sure ...
  7. - POI files has to be in the iGo\CONTENT\POI folder, not in Primo's. Primo uses the MAP, BUILDING, POI from iGo\CONTENT. - Just put schemes in the scheme folder and select it. Please note that there are already many that you can choose from under iGo\CONTENT\SCHEME folders. For menu background color, you can always select from the "Custom Settings". There should be 6 or 7 custom colors.
  8. I just tried and 4share.com didn't ask for login. Sorry no answer to your question #1. For #2, yes you have to enable building in iGo (which is default), you have to have building file for your city in the CONTENT\Building folder. No all cities have building file though.
  9. Not sure to understand your question ... For the GPS issue in Primo, ryar is saying that you have to disable the Gyro Sensor in the European version in order to let the GPS locks.
  10. With appropriate files in the right folders, YES. Please ask your question to your compatriot gehklaus as he has success (messages in previous page). Good luck.
  11. Hi Steelth, The link to th download of my mod is just under the second blue line of text of post #1, or you can following this link here: http://www.4shared.c...th_Pioneer.html, and no login is required. The password is www.avic411.com. And yes, you're right. There are too much info on post #1 because I keep all the old historical data of the mod. I will try to eliminate those unrelevant texts when I have some free time ... being too busy at this time. Cheers!
  12. I think that F500 is well supported in this forum. Why don't you search under its own threads rather than under the F900? I think that lot of people are having it here. Good lucks.
  13. Good for you ovalball, because I get messed up with all those FW versions!!! I know that all mods in this forum are made for FW 3.x and up, but don't know which version number it is referring to.
  14. Well, if you replaced it within the Image\Av folder, then it should work fine. I really can't see otherwise. Good lucks.
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