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  1. Clean up content folder

    I have so many dem files and speedcams files. Does anyone know what is the latest for both of these files. I am near NY USA. Any help would be appreciated. I have collected so many over the years and I would like to get rid of the ones i dont need as you know that disk space on the unit is scarce and limited.
  2. Firmware 4.01

  3. Firmware 4.01

    I havent posted or been on this forum for a while probably over a year. I went on today to check for updated maps and suddenly noticed that the f910 has an update on Pioneer's site. I have read a lot of threads but cant seem to find anything other than the hybrid 4.01 thread. I have a couple of quick questions and would appreciate some feedback. Can I just download the firmware from Pioneer's site and update my 3.02 firmware to 4.01? Or do I just follow the directions on the Hybrid 4.01 thread and use that download file? Also will this affect my Mod. I am using one that I developed from all the people that have been doing this for a while but I am just a copier not a coder. I know Daftia, Ill Die Trying or Abb's mods are great but mine is simple and just want to reuse it. They have all helped me with my mod as well. I appreciate all the posters to this forum and just want to say thanks in advance. Please let me know if you have any answers. Thanks
  4. galaxy nexus image

    anyone have an image for the samsung galaxy nexus for the main screen in the image files? i would really appreciate it. Thanks
  5. MB-3DCars1.0 Add-On up to 1.1a -07/14/10 UP-

    I have been trying to add this mod to mine and i get everything running and the selection screen comes up but no images of cars show and the scroll bar is dark. Any ideas of what i could be doing wrong. Please help. Thank you.
  6. image.res question?

    i have created a whole new image file, but i am having trouble keeping the size of the file small. is there anything i can do to decrease the size of the files? any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I have tried using ipaq image explorer to convert the bmp's to the avic pics but when i install the file on the avic, the buttons are blank. Is there something i am doing wrong? please help as i spent weeks creating these images and would hate to scrap the whole thing.
  7. image.res question?

    i keep trying to make the new image file i am creating at least the same size as the modified image file I presently have, yet everytime I use 7zip to zip the file to image.7z it creates it larger. I even checked to see how big the original image folder was when I purchased the unit and it is larger than the modifed one I created. Is there a reason why it compresses it so large. Is there a setting that I am not doing?
  8. anyone have ipod touch version of this image

    wow abb1. looks great thanks for that. you are the best. I must have been too much of a pain in the ass and it was easier to just make the image. LOL!
  9. anyone have ipod touch version of this image

    w do you make it a mirror like in this picture with photoshop?
  10. How To Use My Truck For A 3D Car

    that would be great just to get any pickup truck. even though i have a black chevy silverado, i wiould use any pickup truck image
  11. MB-3DCars1.0 Add-On up to 1.1a -07/14/10 UP-

    Anyway, you know what you are doing Wherever possible, I will not change the main access to the scripts for futur updates. Hi Abb and Misterblue, looks like you got this thing going, misterblue. great mod and i will be looking to add this to my mod now. Is there going to be enough room on the avic to have all those bmp and tex, mdl files? Also abb, i would like to use your mod as guide while i follow misterblue's appreciated instructions above. Is it available now with this mod included. Just when you think you can't add more to this nav, a great new mod comes out. Great work.
  12. Looking for globe bmp for the gps status

    Check this one out it is pretty good too. thought you might be interested 746_32K_MN-705_32b.rar
  13. just my luck

    Wow, thats sad to hear, sorry, well good luck and thanks for everything.
  14. I think the gallon file is in IDT's mod somewhere. Go here, then try fuel calc replacement http://www.4shared.com/dir/21077539/1fe ... aring.html Thanks dude