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  1. look post 1038 http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/31534-condis-hackmode-v22-autoinstall-working-also-with-f40bt-x940bt-etc-updated-27092012/page-70
  2. facile !! même si j'ai pas toujours dit ça , merci a celui qui se reconnaitra ! tu télécharge le lien qui est donné en 1ere page , tu extrait sur une SD ,tu mets la SD dans ton avic et tu démarre ton pioneer ,une question est posée tu réponds oui ,c'est tout ! un bon conseil sauvegarde bien ta configuration avant ! bon j'arrête la parce que c'est pas un forum francais, on va se faire tiré les oreilles !!
  3. I finally radars, speedcam works very well, it is nowhere explained this method ? update files must be in "PC" folder on SD card THANK YOU.....http://www.speedcamupdates.fr/downupdates
  4. c'est ce que je faisais avant ,mais le menu a semble t'il changé ? regarde I made that previously for to have the detection of radar, but the parameters changed changed!!? What makes for me thought that paid 10 € company speedcamupdates or of other one will change nothing!! Before that worked very well , the disappearance of radars Occurred ,before the work On my avic http://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=15/40/e6pa.jpg http://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=15/40/eix4.jpg http://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=15/40/cqap.jpg
  5. pas sur !! je vais donné 10 € pour quelque chose qui ne va pas fonctionné ? je veux être sur que ça fonctionne avant de faire l'achat. quand même !! comment expliqué ,que mon f940bt indiquait bien les radars avant ,et que maintenant plus aucun signalement de radars ? Not on!! I go given 10 € for something who does not go worked? I want to be on that that works before purchasing. How explained, my f940bt indicated well radars before, and that now , no indicated of radars?
  6. The solutions to put radars on of other forums, tell to add files in the file APL2. On the former AVIC there is a file APL2 in them avicf940 f40 it no file APL2 only APL. I understand nothing! Why that worked before? It's certain !! My Avic F940BT before the radars detected very well since 2 or 3 months , Before making modify my avic, he stopped to detect radar If it is necessary to modify something it is in this file RW\POINT (Points of Interest) I see no something else
  7. It's certain !! My Avic F940BT before the radars detected very well since 2 or 3 months , Before making modify my avic, he stopped to detect radar
  8. I think that those who have the last firmware version, cannot have any more the detection of radars!! (speedcams) What is strange, it is that some people say that that works, but he does not say which is the firmware version the f940bt and f40bt No detected radar (speedcams)
  9. Quelqun can give me its "navi.exe" of prg0 ? ( Avif940bt ) I made a false manipulation and I think of having destroyed my navi.exe I wanted to modify " skip warning " Thank you With that , black screen gps --> http://www.zupimages.net/up/15/39/4vsf.jpg edit: Solved !! I found files nav.exe saving 2013 (similar) , skip warning ok There is a warning radar problem Not indicated speedcam !
  10. Mrt71 says that ca works the detection of radars with f40, that worked before on mine also but since 2/3 month no speedcam I do not find any more the parameters of setting if you find, or if quelqun knows coment to make?... I am has the listening
  11. explains ? ( f940bt = f40bt ) I do not find the setting radar (speedcam) on/off
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