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  1. Mine F910 starred doing this aswell, the illumi colour resets to blue every day, the battery in my car drained last week, it could be the battery.
  2. Found the problem. The units don't work with ITunes Match
  3. It says Map version, 02.000600 and Version 3.021000
  4. I installed the cable fully but it still doesn't show on my AVIC. The iPhone says Accessory Connected when in launch th Music app but nothing else??? Is it because I updated to iOS 6?
  5. I have that lead I didn't install it but will do now, also is it possible to stream music like my friends F920BT?
  6. I've been looking for this update but can't find where to get it, can anyone help?
  7. Hey all, I've just installed a Pioneer F910BT in my car and its good. Just wanted to know if my iPhone 4S is compatible with it as it can only seem to be able to make calls from the unit, I can't seem to find a way to play music from my iPhone to the unit, either through Bluetooth or USB. Can someone help?
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