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  1. TopMenu Font Change: Finally figured out!

    I had problems with this. Sometimes for no reason it just boots back in Tahoma. No idea why... It would stay on my different font for like a week, then it goes back to Tahoma. Oh well..
  2. Hey IDT, Got a question for you... When I tried commenting out the Compass, Clock, and Date, I get an error: FFUIERROR: Unknown Object Identifier, Identifier: [TXT_TIME], script "sc_IDTnavtext_color_saffron". I cant find that script or the TXT_TIME to comment those out. Any ideas?? Thanks, Frank
  3. HOW TO: Replace Red Arrow With Car Image

    Ok, so just who can create the mdl files.... I would kill for a Red RX-8 car set!
  4. Does anyone know if using the Testmode files will allow access to the operating systems of other Windows CE 5.0 based stereo systems? There is a manufacturer named CASKA that produces custom fit stereos using Windows CE, and they use Igo8.3 as the Navi. Anyone know if i will be able to use the Testmode files to get into this system like we do with our Avics?
  5. new maps //2009.6

    I replaced one file, and I got the same thing. No roads, and it doesnt even show up that I have the map. IDT, any suggestions?
  6. IDT, Quick question for you. I decided to change my font, using the "Rename any font to Tahoma.ttf" method. It works great for the system, and in your Data.zip as well, except for when I go to search for a POI. I touch the keyboard and it begins the reboot process. Is there some file I can edit to allow me to change the font of the IGO user interface to match my system interface? If not, no big deal... Tahoma is a cool font, but the "Space Age" font I am using really looks killer and works well in your mod, except for that one instance. Any thoughts or am I stuck? Thanks bro! Frank
  7. Thanks man for making this an incredible system! Pioneer...you should hire this guy! PS: Donation sent! Frank
  8. Sound Levels Fluctuate

    I have tried every setting on the dynamic volume. I touch any button, my volume gets soft...then like 3 to 5 seconds later it starts rising... and i have to turn the volume down. Its annoying as hell
  9. Maybe I just havent paid much attention to this.... but now that I am finally happy with the Navi part of my F90...the Sound quality on this thing drives me crazy... The volume never seems to be constant. Touch a button on the head unit and it lowers the volume..... wait a bit and it goes back....but sometimes it gets louder....then softer... Its driving me crazy. Does anyone have any ideas?
  10. New Branding Zip File Download

    Most of the items I replaced I have never seen anywhere in the country... I think many of them were European icons...
  11. 3d landmarks

    When I saw that half of my buildings in Indianapolis, were missing after the 3.0 upgrade I copied over the stock Indiana building file, with the full version file that was a part of the hacked 2.0, and to my suprise it worked... All of my buildings were right where they were supposed to be!
  12. New Branding Zip File Download

    Well, I basically just stumbled upon in on accident. I wanted to see if there were simple files you could edit, but when I made changes, like you, I had crashes, or they wouldnt show up. So I just started editing the "strips" of icons using Photoshop Elements. The key was to save the bmp's as 24bit and not 32 or 16. I dont think you can do it in simple programs like MS paint. Anyway, I have finished my first set of revisions deleting a lot of places that we dont have in the midwest, and fixing up some logos. Here is what I added or updated: Download Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/265242298/Branding.zip.html On The Border Starbucks Taco Bell Panera Buffalo Wild Wings McDonalds Burger King Panda Express Meijer Gas Culvers Hooters White Castle O Charleys Wendys Sonic Don Pablos Bucca D'Beppo Bob Evans Popeyes Dave and Busters Rallys Walmart (new logo) Olive Garden Donatos Tim Horton Fazolis
  13. Added MSNdirect features

    So Im assuming its just coding somewhere in the update. Is there a way to download the coding from the Garmins and apply it to ours? Just seems odd to have 7 buttons and that last doppler maps one was just not added. I will say that with the newly added features and quicker response time, the MSN Direct is truly worth it now! Im going to ask one of my buds that is big into modding his Garmin what we would have to do to get that code... Knowing pioneer, they are saving it for next years model...
  14. New Branding Zip File Download

    Well, I finally took the time to add my favorite icons that were not on the updated Branding.zip file that was posted earlier. I now have icons to a lot of the businesses that didnt have icons, and I cleaned up the one ones that looked kinda fuzzy like McDonalds and Starbucks. If you would like to request an icon, please send a 50x50 pixel jpeg of the logo you want me to add. I am going to just replace a lot of the European stuff, and you will have to manually add these. Please dont send me a list of like 50 items, just a few that you are really wanting to see. I will work on this until August 15th, and then I will post the new updated file...