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  1. Have a look through that Guizmo guys threads, hes posted up loads including backups of "My Flash drive"....you might be lucky and find one researched to be relevant to your unit ( I haven't a clue ). Not sure it matches your unit, but better than nothing - why the hell would you not backup the entirety of your own nav before doing anythng, beats me ! But stupid is as stupid does Also, I know people have had some success with Diaftias mods with bricked units ? So couldn't hurt if its already bricked, to clear the flash folders with what you download here. Won't have any maps, but you c
  2. Be warned I tried this, got the nav up and other links but no application links seemed to come up for some reason and I'm sure I copied all the folders..... So it seemed more or less like having just the standard nav working a bit pointless Ditched and going back to backup IGO for now, and might then go back to Diaftia's which one I got the sound on to be fair was pretty good. Shame as was interested to check it out on Primo but no way to start it, can't be arsed now. As the OP admitted its quite an old unit anyway, seem to be just hacking for the point of hacking it now and really
  3. Anyone tried this against Diaftia comparison, is the nav software very different ? I like the speed indication and layout but not seen Primo How about the ODBII anyone tried that ? Really needs some current screenshots ! I know this is old....
  4. Also meant to ask, is this based on any particular navigation or is it stll the iGO but modifying someway ? Or is it different version, I think I saw Nav n Go somewhere. Anyone compared this to the nav software on the avicnet, what is the primo like ? Tempted to try but a wondering how many flash attempts you have on the device !
  5. Good zip. I found some messing about to get sounds working. Maybe selecting voices and still didn't work and had to mess with volume and mute options, I didn't realise but voices were coming in but very very quiet and I sorted it with sound/mute settings, no voices needed uploading.
  6. Anyone know what software has what navigation software ? Looks like Diaftia has maybe igo nav n go avicnet has igo 8.3 and primo ? ( so not same as diaftia ) Anyone tried them and what is best ? I do like speed and layout on diaftia but all the mod capacity of avicnet seems interesting What you got ?
  7. I have 2015q2 maps on 3.0 firmware Is there anything better I can do ? Is it worth 4.0+ firmware ? custom ? It would be nice to have real speed on the nav, Diafta mod for this ? If you go to 4.0 what compatibility with maps ? Just update and everything still works? TIA
  8. Might be a chance I've got the wrong wires poking down from the unit, could do with being a lot longer! I think I need to double check this
  9. AV2 seems to input ok AV1, whether set to video etc makes no difference, I can select the AV1 and get the blank screen but no sound ?? I was getting audio via a DAB device when I tested, redirected to AV1 and no sound (I've later also tried using my phone with a jack to coaxial termination wires but no sounds from my phone either, its supposed to be for iPod so I can't see why my phone shouldn't work) Does it automatically suppress the A/V input unless you supply video too ? Or you are forced to use the front AV2 for audio only inputs ? or some other troubleshooting I can do because
  10. Thanks, great unit I guess its the FM H/w then. in which case probably far easier just to fit the DAB then via AV Not S/W as it already had 3.02.02 before hand with the same issue Don't think it would be the US issue as I'm sure its UK (someone sold as faulty removed from a UK car they bought) 2009 model and even with stepping issues at some point would pick up something - this has nothing at all. I guess it could be fixed then but this may be cost ineffectice versus other options, I can get a CKO DAB2011 for 60GBP plus DAB aerial fitting At least I know why the TMC works but FM does
  11. TMC actually works but no FM I don't understand that as TMC works via FM !!! Anyone know if this may be software setting related ? I put the latest 3.02.100 on the unit. That sorted some reluctance to show the SD card I put in but the FM still doesn't auto tune or hear anything on channels skipping about.
  12. John, Bloody helpful lot on here aren't they ! Well I found if the SD is registered via the test mode, you can get to that with a USB. If you can't even get USB then you need to ensure you have parking brake correctly wired, or do the pin replacement trick (on the A/V connector, its involving switching pin 1 with pin4 and then making sure its earthed for the factory testing setup - there is a youtube video on the parking brack hack and a breakdown on here) I think you can update via USB anyway
  13. Yes I have the same....and that is with USB connected too....shame there is no replies........is yours formatted FAT32 ? I have the parking brake thing sorted so I get the menus, just no SD I haven't got an "old" SD unfortuntely so wondering about getting hold of something, but I would have though either the SD with adapter for microsd (1gb) and mini sd (also 1gb) ought to have worked ? I wonder if it has something to do with the SD card spec but as long as its not SDHC or something I can't see why
  14. Sorry please ignore, the post response bounced/ refreshed and recreated the same post Delete please
  15. No FM/AM just AM noise, FM is dead please help AVICF710 I bought second hand having meant to have a few faults. They said radio wouldn't tune and no BT. Uk radio I think ( does the right intervals) and am using it in the UK I figured it would be worth a go and so far its been quite good - everything working including BT just no radio ! I expected this but wondered if I can fix it. VW brand vehicle (Skoda fabia) I have isolated that the antenna is fine, was used by my last stereo. The amplifier I just bought also works, I can get better reception with my last Sony Why do I get no recepti
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