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  1. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    got 3 versions, 1st worked ok, but after some driving crashed with not enough memory message, 2nd works ok - need to test it more, 3rd is earlier version - will work 100% if 2nd one will fail im sorry, i've got not much of free time recently, gonna finish tests asap and share here ready-to-go shell + each gps software.
  2. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    got Sygic (almost) working ...
  3. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    OK GUYS. TomTom with sound!!
  4. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    yeah, thats my modded menu for now i've managed to get working: iGO8 AutoMapa EU TomTom Navigator Garmin (out of memory error after some clicks). Got some Navigon versions for wince, need to test it /modify scripts, and maybe we will get it working. The same thing with Garmin. I have to get my avic out of car and get it on power adapter in home, then I will have some time to figure it out. I have to check if script for going back to currently started/chosen navi is working ok, no problem with share - I think tomorrow I will upload it.
  5. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    Pioneerus power
  6. Hi, I've just got mail notification about radio update, available here. It updates uCom fw via testmode. My first thought is - maybe its our opportunity to make some mods which could give us gps unlock etc? It includes files such as: EU110SYS.prg and EU110SAL.prg, which we hadn't before. I dont know what they contain, but maybe we could make some mods, repack it and flash br condi
  7. Australian CNSD310FM 2012 Map update Group Purchase

    as far as I remember in updates directory NDATA - map was packed/splitted with multiple archive, inside that archive was an disk image (?). the same I could make via diskrw - which is included in hackmode. maps were installed on seperate partition, probably you will only have to make a copy of nand2 partition via diskrw, and then restore it on another device.
  8. please try to install again v2.21 with usb! now it should work just great! one gatecrasher - sdmmc got into usb section it was late when I was writing this, and I was tired.. lol
  9. Im happy that you've solved your problem v2.2 is up, I havent time to test it, guys tell me if everything is ok
  10. RenewalIFLib-AUTO-REPLACER v1.2

    yep I thought later the same done v1.2 up
  11. thanks yep USB - i've got already updated .ini to work with usb also! all .mscr's are ready for both sd and usb, but I forgot about scriptexec its in one .ini, no need two seperate thats right, its because hackmode now uses the 'older prg' for hackmode, and the 'newer/updated prg' for stock software. now you have hackmode on prg0 and prg1 what fw version you had? which device? you can fix it by entering hackmode, file manager, delete av.exe on NAND/PRG0/Apl/Av.exe and write there some original ~3mb Av.exe. I need to make some additional checks before install If you would have problems to replace Av.exe, then I could make an automatic fix for you later IF YOU HAVE V2.0 ALREADY ON DEVICE, THEN THERE IS NO NEED TO INSTALL V2.1
  12. goooood every progress is priceless v2.1 released
  13. AVIC-F40BT Testmode fixed firmware

    welcome led0rub :) btw you've got your username in polish lang?
  14. the script was made to fill forms in romextractor app. you have to prepare it with your dll names, and select correct field after message, then click dump. ----edit got hackmode v2.1 ready. with prg0/1 check - it installs on currently used apl - especially for upgraded units i have to test it anybody wants betatest? hackmode_WRITER.zip
  15. Great! Gonna use it in next version Thanks friend! I was thinking how to make some check if file exists (EXIST?), that solution will be just great. I will put some checks if currently used apl is from PRG0 or PRG1. I next ver Hmm... yes, it was looooooooooooong time ago. I had some windows ce app, which was dumping files on running system. Because of lack of virtual keyboard as far as I remember I've made a script which after few seconds wrote filename to that app. Got to search for that things on my hdd, i'm almost sure that I have them somewhere