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    AVIC X930BT
  1. New here. Want to start tinkering with my stock X930BT

    Read here please.
  2. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    Impressive... most impressive... What version of Sygic do you have? and can you share it? I've stuck at working menu and map screen not refreshing at all. I use V12.1 for WinCE
  3. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    Speak to Sanik
  4. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    Pioneerus is not working with 850/950/F50/Z150 model. There is no third party navigation software for SH4 CPU - used in *50 models.
  5. Test Mode for a X850BT??

    Take look here: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/36681-avic-x50-hack-general-topic/?p=266663
  6. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    Is it software for Windows CE? and it should at least work on ARM CPUs.
  7. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    Ok what navigation software do you have with your local map?
  8. European Maps

    1. Remove Nag screen mode, Software Bypass. 2. No. Software is Different. 3. Yes/No... Make Backup first, then in NDATA\NDATA\SKY you'll find 4 images with Sky. Can you replace them? have no idea, buy you can try. I have doubt that it is a map under... Now my hope is - Pioneerus- hack, that allows to run alternative navigation on 920-940.
  9. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    Turn Beep On. (button press sound in the shell)
  10. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    I've tried to run Sygic on my X930BT, got stack at activation screen. Activation code it gave me is: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX instead of normal letter/decimal code. Any ideas how to get correct code? Add: Now I can see Device ID code but Sygic doesn't want to sell activation code to private person for automotive in-dash navigator.
  11. Question about dimming/illumination

    Illumination wire as logical ON/OFF thing. So no ajustable dimming possible. My advice- put switch on illumination wire and control it manually.
  12. Revert back to earlier firmware?

    yes. get previous update, put on sd card with testmode.key (normal one) and select force update platform and navigation. Good luck!
  13. X930BT runs alternative navigation

    you have really Nice looking shell Condi, Did you make this shell? can you share it? also I've spotted Navigon logo, did you manage to have Navigon working?