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  1. I used this guide here to update my Pioneer X930BT http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/35280-upgrading-a-x920x930-to-x940-instructions/ However after I've updated, the radio itself works fine and GPS functions as well though not as well. I can't seem to get voice navigation working properly. For the most part it says "Due to limited data, guidance cannot be provided in this area." Help?
  2. I'm also having the same problem. Sadly I don't know how to fix it.
  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII paired to my X940 BT upgraded from X930. And it works fine actually, all except that I can't seem to get any album art or information to show up when I play music locally. The album art and info shows up just fine when I'm using Pandora app mode but when I play music with another player off my phones SD card, all I get is the audio. Any help?
  4. Galaxy S3 compatibility to X940BT

    Hey. I just updated mine today actually. I had the same issue until I went into my bluetooth settings and did a firmware update which was included in the update package you put on your SD card.
  5. Micro USB to Apple 30pin

    The Pioneer AVIC X930BT does not support Androids like that. The most you will be able to get for connectivity between your system and an Android is bluetooth audio streaming. Now there is a newer radio deck out called the Pioneer AppRadio 2 which supports Androids however you will need an MHL adapter, a rooted phone, and an app called AR Liberator in order to use it to it's fullest potential.
  6. As stated I own a Pioneer X930 BT in my 2004 Saturn ION. I also work at Dominos Pizza as a delivery driver so I use this thing a LOT for it's bluetooth and GPS features. However I also love to tinker with electronics. Root my Android, hack game consoles, ect. I'm wondering just what type of mods and hacks are avaliable for my head unit? I saw the post about upgrading to the X940 firmware but it looks sticky. I've done hacking before. But usually I make sure there is a sure fire way of recovering from a brick if it should happen. So, exactly how safe is hacking the X930 BT and what kind of mods are avaliable?