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  1. Weird By-Pass Situation

    Hello gang First off, its been a little confusing reading about how to bypass the X-930BT. Some posts say move the wire up on slot, some say move it down, others say move it to the right. Is it more than one way? Secondly, what I did was move the yellow/black wire one slot above/below depending on how you hold it. I also have the green parking wire grounded. What I'm getting is an "Att" notice on the screen and I lose volume control. When I reomoved the yellow/black wire, it went away. What makes this more a mystery for me is the fact that previously I had the D-1, D-2, and D-3 in this vehicle, all by-passed with no problems. Any assistance in this matter is appreciated. I should also ask; is the wire lead from the brake to be grounded as well as the wire lead from the harness? Or just the harness? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you. The system is set to blue tooth. it will work via blue tooth audio and phone. the reason I bought this unit was because I wanted to have full control of Pandora on my screen.
  3. Hello Folks- I need a difinitive answer on whether or not my Galaxy S3 and Pioneer Avic X-940BT can communicate and control Pandora and Aha Radio via the Pioneer interface. This is an update from the 930BT, so I don't know if that's where my issue lies. The Blue Toothe, phone contacts and everything else works fine but the Pandora and Aha Radio just wont connect.
  4. I had a non-pioneer camera hooked up but it never worked im drive mode. I had a shop hook it up so I assume it was done correctly since its only power, ground, rca. But in map view it never worked. Any suggestions o nm what went wrong?
  5. Avic D3 wire harness

    Hey, does anybody out there have original Pioneer power and rca harness for Avic D3 for sale?
  6. VSS Wire Lead

    I've been trying to hook up this D3 I purchased without wire harnesses. the harness I bought doesn't have a speed sensor wire. I actually have one from my old D2, but I don't which slot it would go in on the d3 harness. does anyone have a pic or diagram of a d3 harness showing the location of the speed seed sensor wire?
  7. I purchased an Avic D3 recently which came with no connectors. I purchased a connector off Ebay but there are no VSS, parking, and reverse leads. I can salvage them from my old D2, but where do they go? there are a couple of open slots but I dont what would where. Any help?
  8. Swap D2 for D3

    Okay. The D3 came today. I just tried to connect the D2 wiring but it didn't work. The speaker harness is the same, but the power harness is slightly different. Fortunately I found a harness on Ebay.
  9. Swap D2 for D3

    okay thanks. so my plan is to try and get harness then splice it.into the existing wiring. does that sound feasible?
  10. Swap D2 for D3

    thanks. the unit came with no harnesses. I was taking a chance that my current harnesses would plug right in. but the wiring must be the same right?
  11. Swap D2 for D3

    I have the opportunity to get a D3 off Ebay for a good price. The catch is there are no cables or wire harness. I currently have a D2 installed. Can just swap the D3 in using the same harness from the D2?
  12. Gozer's Backgrounds

    Hey. I would like someone to create a background/loading screen from my design. I'm experienced in photoshop and can set up the design to your specs. Willing to pay a reasonable fee. Thanks.
  13. Rear View Camera

    Isn't the D1 supposed to have a menu option to show half rear view/half map view? When I go to that option, I get half blank and half map view.