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  1. Upgrading a X920/X930 to X940 Instructions

    Anyone else lose the spoken street names when doing NAV? I haven't had a spoken street name since upgrading my 930. Anyone find a solution?
  2. Thanks S.A.M. That was my suspicion. I'll probably still try out my circuit to see if it does anything, but I highly doubt it will. It sems as though only the screens dim and not the buttons on these units.
  3. Bump. Really, nobody can help me out by walking out to their car and seeing if the buttons dim with the dimmer switch?
  4. I've got an x930BT installed into my 2008 Subaru Forester. I'm trying to work out the illumination hookups. Right now, I've got it so that when I turn on my lights the screen dims. My question is, are the button lights supposed to change with the dimmer as well? Subaru does their dimmer circuit funky and I've got 2 illumination wires in the OEM radio harness (there is only one input on the AVIC though) and neither one will dim the buttons. I've got an idea of how to do the dimming if this is a function that the x930BT even performs, I'm just not sure if it does. So, can somebody go turn on their lights, adjust their dimmer switch and let me know if the buttons/dial dim with the rest of your gauges?
  5. Better X910BT X930BT and X940BT Volume Knobs

    Just sent money for a 930 Black knob.
  6. 15mph problem with bypass

    Sounds like the bypass is not done correctly, and your posts aren't painting a full picture. Post what unit you have, what pin(s) you grounded in order to bypass and the problem you are seeing. Verify the parking brake and bypass pin are both grounded. Verify that where you grounded it is actually grounded with a multimeter/ohmmeter. Why not just splice into the ground on your radio harness? It's easy and you know it's a good ground.
  7. Thanks for everyone's work on this, I just updated my X930BT using the supereasymethod to Application version 4.01 this morning. I'm really glad for the extra Android compatibility. I almost feel sorry for the guy that sold me this 930 cheap so that he could get a 940 because he wanted better Android integration.
  8. Did you ever figure this out? I've got the same issue with my 930BT. Touch area 1 then area 2 then hold area 3, nothing happens. I know the current password, but I want to change it, but can't access the screen.
  9. Thanks man, I had swapped them around on my HD radio adapter too, you got me up and going again quickly.