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  1. I have an Avic F-700bt. I have a SCC1 connected to the CD-SB10 which then connects to the head unit (the Avic). This has been the set-up for quite sometime until just recently the Sirius stopped producing audio. All other sources (iPod, CD, etc) produce audio). Visually all the sirius information is displayed (as if the unit was playing satellite radio). I have contacted Sirius and I swapped out the SCC1 for a new one. I also swapped the cable that connects the SCC1 to the CD-SB10 Module. Still no audio. However, after I swapped the SCC1 for a new one I noticed the following things, in addition to no audio still: 1) I can no longer change the station. It is stuck on Station 100. Yes, Howard. 2) While the Sirius rep was on the phone activating the new SCC1 I heard all sorts of static and stuff. Noises that I was unable to turn down (or Up) using the volume control on the Avic. I could not tell what the audio was -- it was basically just crackling. So, in sum, still no audio and I now I can't change the station. Btw. I tried reseting the unit and that did not do anything either. How else can I trouble shoot this to isolate where the problem is?
  2. iPod & iPhone no Video --- But...

    Yes, the real test will be to take it out and plug it into the tv.... however, that means i gotta take crap apart. what i am thinking fo dowingis going to apple and see if they can just test it with one of those cables. as for background... this all started happening once i reformatted on my iphone from windows to mac... could hat be the issue...seeing how avic is really a oc at the end of the day. also, like i mentioned above...evrything was working fine before. also... not sure what exact version, but i have the 80Gb ipod... the one that came out after the iPOD VIDEO... I think they wwent back to calling it the classic b/c all had video capabilitiues at that point.
  3. Got an Avic-F700bt. I am unable to get any videe from my ipod and iphone on my Avic. Get music and the sound from video, but just no picture. Tried everything...checked every connection. Swapped cables. Then tried a friend's iphone... WE GOT VIDEO. Tried another friend's iPhone.... WE GOT VIDEO. So...we went in to my ipod and checked the video settings.. made sure all the neccessaries turned on. Made sure checked NTSC... still not picture. Reset the Ipod. Still no picture/ video. However, if I plug some headphones into my ipod or iphone I get video just fine. Anybody have any idea what could be going on here. I know this is more of an apple ipod iphone question, but was wondering if anyone else encountered the same problem?
  4. I have a question about my car setup. I have Polk DB6501 component speakers -- 2 of them up from -- with the tweets up where the 3.5’s use to be in the dash and in and the 6.5’s in the door (which are sound deadened). These front speakers are amp by a JL AUDIO 2-Channel Amp. The rear speakers are Polk db coaxials which are un-amped.. I also have a 12 inch sub in the trunk powered by a JL AUDIO mono block amp. I have a AVIC-F700BT Series and was wondering how to set the HPF and LPFs on that head-unit ? any ideas where the settings should be?
  5. AVIC Feeds To Update POIs???

    you are a genius. would have been nice to have pioneer tell us that you need to create a folder named POI to transfer ones PoI's via an SD card. I've had this unit for close to a year now and I've been racking my brain every three months trying to figure out why my f700bt will not recognize my kml file.
  6. REALLY? I actually just got my headunit back from Pioneer last week. The invoice said that they replaced the iPod cable. Now, it seems to work fine. In retrospect, I don't know if it was a great idea to upgrade the maps.... b/c now every time I go to SIrius and FM (but not Ipod), my headunit starts flipping channels. HOwever, my hunch is that this maybe a loose connection somewhere. Is your headunit still under warranty? If not, I am sure there is/was a warranty for the software -- go through Pioneer via that route. However, I must tell you that it took them a little over a month to get myheadunit back from Pioneer in Long Beach and I live in L.A.
  7. I had an odd issue happen today. I had my car installer attempt to reprogram my PAC-SWPs thingy (to control the unit via my Saab steering wheel). Now this is the first time I have tried to program it since purchasing the $100 upgrade from Pioneer (I have the F-700bt), Well, for some reason my PAC was getting power from just the black cord pulgged into the back of the Pioneer (this is with the wire harness taken off of the PAC). Tried another PAC, same result. Called PAC, they said problem with Pioneer likely. So Shop tested it with new Pioneer Headunit and same problem. Then called PAC... and they verbally shrugged their shoulders. So the shop re-wired everything and ..., end result... still no work. The only coincidence is that this is after I upgraded the MAp thingy. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY... my iPOd no longer works / gets recognized by the head unit. Now, yes, I have it switched to IPOD and nothing... no sound or display. That's weird b/c the USB carrys the display if just plugged in. ANd if one were to have the Composite cable plugged in, one owuld just hear auido... but I got neither. So then I changed the settings on my ipod and swiited the first input to VIDEO. Only then would my ipod play a video and audio (but when audio along with blank screen) and haveing to control it through the actual ipod. And no charging of the ipod. So then I plugged in a usb with music on it directly into the USB cabke that runs from the back of the headunit... nothing, did'nt even recognize the USB being connected. I inspected the factory cable and it is fine and secure in the back (as you know this cable cannot be removed without likely cutting it off).... And the able was not piching or cut in any way. Thus, the IPOD cable is not faulty. The AV connection is not faulty (b/c also my rear view camera works = the pins are secure on the back of the unit). SO... my guess is that the USB cord coming out of the back of the Pioneer is faulty; OR my unit is messed up? What do you all think?
  8. Startup message and continual reboot!!!

    I actually suckered out. I just sent it to Pioneer this morning. They said it likely will be covered under the Warranty. Before I called Pioneer I called a custom car stereo shop up in Valencia, CA. The dude said, as of late, more and more avic 700bt people have been coming back in lately complaining of the same problem. Only until recently did this kind of stuff happening, the dude said. He also said, he tried to get the "fix" from Pioneer, but they said no - and mentioned "likely b/c they want to keep it under wraps so only they can fix it." So, that is what I did. I'll let you all know how it went after 7 or so days (so they say)... If for some reason I get laxy, hit me back up in a week and a half and should have a result by then, Also, the car stereo dude also mentioned that I get the F series upgrade. He said, it makes the F Series into the X Series (I thought he said). He said Pioneer now charges 125 for it, but use to run a promo for 90 or so. My guess is that somebody on ebay or something has gotta have this upgrade (two SD disks). You got any opinion on the later?
  9. Startup message and continual reboot!!!

    This just started doing the same thing for me. It constantly reboots but never gets the passed the start up screen. It just started doing this the other day. I have tried using the paper clip and reseting the machine but to no avail. The only thing I know I have done differently is that I tried (ineffictively) to upload contacts via the AVIC Feeds via CSV file and it never working (b/c someone here saud it can only take a max of 100 contacts). Anybody solve this problem (the constant rebot)?
  10. thanks for the move. will try;.
  11. sorry about the wrong forum -- just saw bt and for some reason slipped my mind. as to yous specific question -- 231 lines (231 contacts). My guess is that you are going to say that this is way too many... if so... would mind sharring me a little knowledge and sending me to my appropriate room (i.e forum). Thanks. and Thanks for polite about it. Grrrr these AVICS!!!!
  12. So, I am not sure if I am adding to or confusing this discussion. I have an iphone and I tried transferring my addresses to my AVIC f 700bt, however, I have much to many entries for it to hold all of them and the one's it did transfer only selected one of the numbers I had listed for a particular entry (not so sure which one it picked; likely the first one I imagine). So, what I did was convert all my outlook contacts into a csv file (i.e. I exported them). Then, in excel I MANUALLY lined all the contacts that I wanted to use on my my Avic in similar columns -- I entered the full name of a contact in one cell, complete address in another cell, one tele in one cell, and the name of the company, if any, in another cell. For those that had more than one phone number, I entered them just like above on the next row using the other tele (and I would label the contact name, for e.g. John Smith (W); John Smith ©; John Smith (H) -- for work, mobile, and home). Then I created two other columns one for long and latitude. And my g'friend, who I should have got her in this before I even started b/c she knows all sorts of neat short cuts in excel and stuff) found a program where I could copy all my addresses from the csv/excel file and get latitude and longitudes for.... then she found a way to get them back into excel split up into two columns --- latitude and longitude. Opened up my AVIC FEEDS app on my PC. Popped my SD Card in. Pressed the convert key. I recall assigning each column a letter that correlated to the respective column. Then a message came up that some of the addresses that I included did not have long/ lat and I said "ok" (b/c I didn't). Then I recall saving all of this information via FEEDs onto my SD card. Then I went in and added a Splash Screen and saved that to the SD Card as well. Here's where it all goes wrong. I pop my SD card in my AVIC and everything works great...except when I get to the POI page under navigation. None of the buttons work. Not one. The only way to get anything to work is to press the map or source button on the unit (not the screen) and even then once I go back to the destination screen I can't even get the button where I could manually enter an address to respond to me. Same thing happens even if I take out the SD card. Only way I can manually use the Nav is by turning the car off and having the machine reboot again. The same works if I try the above using a USB card instead of a SD. GRrrrrrrrrrr. What is going on here. Anyone have any insight. I feel like i got soooo close.
  13. iPod - No Video After Updated iTUnes (coincidence?)

    the input on the bottom left (when looking at it) corner. the iu230v connects into the back of the machine (just like the apple cord I just purchase does). Looking for the cable that goes into the bottom left.... i tried a aux cable i had laying around and it does not work. thought maybe the avic 700bt required a special cable or something.
  14. iPod - No Video After Updated iTUnes (coincidence?)

    yes. however... are you sure that cable you mentioned above is the one that connects to that auxillary looking housing that is there. If so, does apple make one as well. and just so i didnt confuse things...the cable that i just bought was the one that connects into the rear of the unit (the apple one). works fabulous.
  15. iPod - No Video After Updated iTUnes (coincidence?)

    Thanks. Got the apple cable. And actually it's design works better for me than the pioneer-esq one anway (ie where the USB cable splits). Danke!!!