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  1. 8200 Intermittent Backup Camera Not Working

    I have an 8100 NEX and have the same exact issue. In fact, sometimes the camera comes on and never shuts off and I have to turn the car off and back on to reboot the unit and fix it.
  2. For the past week my unit has had missing channel logos on most of my channels. Once in a while one channel logo might come back, then another one goes missing. Anyone else seeing this happen? Any idea how to fix it? I tried doing a reset of the unit and signal refresh from XM but it didn’t work.
  3. ​So I noticed when I updated the firmware on my 8100 NEX this morning, under AvicSync Settings there is a grayed out option called "Connection Preferences" which is set to "Connected Phone". I don't recall seeing that previously, though I could be wrong. Is there any known other type of connection type other than "Connected Phone?" I remember there was discussion in the past that the chipset used in this unit technically supported WiFi but it wasn't ever stated that the unit itself actually would. I'm curious if this is an indication that this unit, or possibly another unit down the line may support WiFi or BlueTooth connectivity for AvicSync? -Keith
  4. Navigation Routing still stinks....

    I have an 8100 NEX, I don't ever use the navigation on it. I was a huge Pioneer fan and favored its navigation over any iOS app any day up until the 8000NEX. Now, it takes me over ridiculous routes, the ones with the most traffic and traffic lights.. The interface is just plain horrible, I now just use Apple Maps, Google Maps, or iGo.. -Keith
  5. New Pandora Update doesn't work with Carplay

    I don't normally use Pandora but I did try it the other day and I couldn't even get it to play anything at all via CarPlay.
  6. New NEX units now 8200 instead of 8100.

    Wow... so still no wireless carplay?
  7. AVICSync app

    ::shaking head::
  8. AvicSync news

    Interesting. I notice I have two gas price sources as well. The interface leaves little to be desired. I'm disappointed.
  9. AvicSync news

    Yeah, I'm curious about the duplicate traffic source and why we'd bother paying for it. I'm also noticing that I still don't have speed cam warnings and other alerts that pioneer originally said would be part of Avicsync.... Those things aren't mentioned anywhere... Kind of sucks that 1.5 years late and this is what they have to show for it. My Toyota entune came with more connected features but their navigation sucks.
  10. AVICSync app

    It seems all the content services are turned off by default, once you turn them on you can find it at: Navigation screen - Lower right button - Useful Information Fuel prices, weather, and parking info are all there
  11. Read this if your 8100 hangs on boot up

    I don't suppose the installer told you what rating capacitor he used and why he used it? I'm assuming he used it on the ACC lead and not constant right?
  12. AvicSync news

    The release notes state the app defaults to UK values and you'll need to change them for US. I noticed there are a few free service trials... 1 Year Free Trial for Connected Services 30 Days free trial for Connected Services 30 Days Live HD Traffic USA & Canada Also, the notes say you'll need to reinstall any naviextras installed prior to the firmware update. This means 8100 users will need to re-install the updated maps from Naviextras that were provided for free.
  13. AvicSync news

    Avicsync for USA is out now, firmware updates are on pioneers site as well.
  14. iGO is fully cracked now

    You know.., I'm wondering if the current delay on Avicsync in the US is due to the announcement of iGO being cracked... My contact was so sure it was going to be released by now... Suddenly he's quiet... i wonder if they're trying to circumvent whatever the crack is so people can't pirate on the updated firmware... Just a thought...
  15. Black Screen after startup 8100NEX

    No usb stick just my iPhone 6S