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  1. there are several more Debug menus no password is required to access 1 - app test 2 - debug 1 3 - debug 2 app test menu also works on x200 here are screenshots of my article in Russian from 4pda forum
  2. libNPSysCtrlHandler.so - this is the main library there are many interesting things But checking the password for Debug Menu in the library libdebugmodeproxy_jni.so
  3. nobody knows the password to access the Debug Menu it is encrypted the only way is to patch one of the system libraries.
  4. hey m8, can you help me out, i need a image for a avic-f9880bt and i cannot find it anywhere

  5. starting with firmware 1.15+ this method no longer works
  6. 1st pic Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX 2nd pic Pioneer SPH-DA120 you are wrong with the model of your radio your model is DMH-W4660NEX there is no SD card in it.
  7. the latest version for W4400 is 1.02 I have an AVIC. but it doesn't matter. today there were no problems either. But I didn't travel much. https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/NEX/AVH-W4400NEX#downloads
  8. I had such a gap I updated the firmware yesterday. and this problem was not during the day. but too little time has come. before, automatic connection occurred about 50% of cases
  9. AVIC 8200 NEX


    I have the above device and am looking for a way to switch it to Europe map. What can I do?  greetings from Germany

  10. the best cards for pioneer are the ones that I recommended to you. Transcend: For AVH 8G - TS8GSDHC10U1 For AVIC 16G - TS16GSDHC10U1
  11. That's cool Man!! but most have buttons on the steering wheel. And this tweak is not necessary. But this is exactly 5 stars for the idea and implementation !!!
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