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  1. Updated navigation content is now available for 18Y, 19Y models: NEX and Z series Supported models: AVIC-W6400NEX AVIC-W6500NEX AVIC-W8400NEX AVIC-W8500NEX AVIC-Z610BT AVIC-Z620BT AVIC-Z710DAB AVIC-Z720DAB AVIC-Z810DAB AVIC-Z820DAB AVIC-Z910DAB AVIC-Z920DAB Content Version for: North America (NA) - HERE (NQ) 2018Q4 Full Europe (FEU) - HERE (NQ) 2019Q2 can you find me on ebay or ask a question in PM
  2. I do not see the point in updating the W4400 to the W4500. Weblink is another dead-end application. there’s nothing useful except watching YouTube videos. not an original player is used for viewing, this is very bad. It makes no sense to buy a 500 series, it’s enough to buy 400, I didn’t notice any more changes, except that I added the ability to display parking lines on the camera. It is strange that they removed it for x400, because this function is available for the European model of analogues x400. But there is a great solution to upgrade the AVH-W4400 \ 4500 to AVIC with full navigation support. If interested, write to me at PM I did not update the firmware in my W8400 to the W8500 version.
  3. How to disable sources on 8200

    after your words, I began to doubt my abilities. I even had to get the radio from the shelf and test it) a miracle, it works PS specially posting photos, and then suddenly you think that this is a photoshop)
  4. olá, vc tem a imagem do f960bt ou 5000nex? Minha unidade está em tela de erro de software.

  5. How to disable sources on 8200

    it was) and you missed everything, man
  6. How to disable sources on 8200

    you are a strange person You ask for help on the Internet and immediately fear that the code will be harmful. Of course, it will be harmful, because it changes the system files in the radio, in order to get the untangled potential of your device. This script has not even been verified by me, because I do not have such a model. But to get what you want you had to take a risk. Well, or contact Pioneer and ask them to do it, you know what the answer will be? Here is an example of removing the AHA on the European model, the reason was as follows. but now we will never know how it could look like on 8200NEX
  7. How to disable sources on 8200

    this script did what you asked for. but I wasted my time on it.
  8. How to disable sources on 8200

    copy the contents of the archive to a USB disk use USB1 port run the script in the testmod "Select 2.Write program forcedly => 8.Copy Script" BT Audio you can turn off in the system settings
  9. Same harness for NEX8200 as NEX5000?

    they are completely the same!!! everything will work as before you do not need to change the wiring
  10. 4000nex image on 4100nex

  11. 5100NEX Android Auto

  12. Update Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX to AVH-W4500NEX Weblink support!!! support model Pioneer AVH-Z9100BT Pioneer AVH-Z9100DAB Pioneer AVH-Z9150BT Pioneer AVH-Z9180BT Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX
  13. Can't eject with AVH-W4400NEX

    EJECT LOCK MODE for DVD MECHANISM This model is equipped with an Eject Lock so that it can be shown in stores without worrying about it being stolen. The Eject Lock can be turned ON/OFF as follows. Simultaneously press and hold the [HOME] and [EJECT] buttons, and reset the product or turn the ACC ON. When the Eject Lock is turned ON, the buttons flash yellow. When the Eject Lock is turned OFF, the buttons flash green. Wait 35 sec after turning OFF the ACC before turning the +B OFF
  14. Can't eject with AVH-W4400NEX

    pressing [EJECT] key and [TRACK UP] key
  15. Can't eject with AVH-W4400NEX

    EJECT LOCK MODE Reset start while pressing [EJECT] key and [TRACK UP] key