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  1. Hi, Can i activate adnroid auto on F960DAB? Thanks

  2. Hi...i have an avh-w4400 and recently had a error when booting..Need help in getting a new sd card for avh to avic...Please help...Any help would be good...will pay iif need be..please PM me if thats okay...Liem

  3. after inserting the SD card into the radio, a password is set on it. The SD card will not be read by WInodows. in the disk manager you will see a RAW partition. you won't be able to format it.
  4. if you cannot enter commands, then you have a problem connecting the TX wire from the USB TTL adapter you also have an unstable RX connection I see artifacts in your log
  5. you have 3 seconds to get to the uBoot console. after turning on the radio, you need to press any button on the keyboard. the console will become available. if within 10 or 15 seconds you do not enter any command, the radio will reboot into normal mode. in your case "easyrecovery" in the console, enter the command "warp" the radio will reboot.
  6. this model uses eMMC chip IC7691 in the second photo unfortunately there is no solution to this problem in Pioneer service documents
  7. This problem is for models DMH-160BT,DMH-1700NEX,DMH-1770NEX,DMH-A4450BT,DMH-A4480BT,SPH-DA160DAB I have a service bulletin for SPH-DA160DAB the repair process consists of 2 parts 1. soldering 2. Update FW I have files only for SPH-DA160 NO WARRANTY THAT THE FIRMWARE FILES WILL WORK WITH DMH-1700NEX,DMH-1770NEX Bulletin Nr. 1918
  8. this is a manufacturing defect. bad soldering flash ROM (U27) repair will require a soldering station and force firmware rewrite I can provide detailed information on how to fix the defect. but you will need to be able to use the soldering station
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