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  1. 5100NEX Android Auto

  2. Update Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX to AVH-W4500NEX Weblink support!!! support model Pioneer AVH-Z9100BT Pioneer AVH-Z9100DAB Pioneer AVH-Z9150BT Pioneer AVH-Z9180BT Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX
  3. Can't eject with AVH-W4400NEX

    EJECT LOCK MODE for DVD MECHANISM This model is equipped with an Eject Lock so that it can be shown in stores without worrying about it being stolen. The Eject Lock can be turned ON/OFF as follows. Simultaneously press and hold the [HOME] and [EJECT] buttons, and reset the product or turn the ACC ON. When the Eject Lock is turned ON, the buttons flash yellow. When the Eject Lock is turned OFF, the buttons flash green. Wait 35 sec after turning OFF the ACC before turning the +B OFF
  4. Can't eject with AVH-W4400NEX

    pressing [EJECT] key and [TRACK UP] key
  5. Can't eject with AVH-W4400NEX

    EJECT LOCK MODE Reset start while pressing [EJECT] key and [TRACK UP] key
  6. ebay maps

  7. avic-8400nex or avic-8500nex

    May be
  8. avic-8400nex or avic-8500nex

    but what about the new wallpaper and Demo screen Back Camera display is also changed
  9. AVIC-8100 to AVIC-W8500

    all inputs are the same. in 8500 a removable wiring harness is used. in 8100 there is no
  10. AVIC-8100 to AVIC-W8500

  11. ebay maps

    This script copies the car model. All models released for Pioneer have been added to the archive. But you can add any model of your choice. Large custom catalog of 2000+ models you can find here. this script works for all x000/x100/x200 models AVIC Pioneer_avic_car_models_copy_ver1.0.rar
  12. 5100NEX Android Auto

    now it is possible for models AVIC-5100NEX AVIC-6100NEX AVIC-F970BT AVIC-F970DAB
  13. Pioneer's NEW 2019 modular DMH\SPH-EVO - Series Receivers DMH-C5500NEX - US ver DMH-C2500NEX - US ver DMH-C2550NEX - US ver SPH-EVO82DAB - EU ver SPH-EVO62DAB- EU ver DMH-ZS8250BT - Malaysia ver DMH-ZS8290BT - India ver DMH-ZS8280TV - Brasil ver DMH-ZS5280TV - Brasil ver common platform AVH-Z5200BT / AVH-2500NEX
  14. ebay maps

    NA HERE 2018Q4 - release feb 2019 in the store naviextras - only 2018Q2. and only base maps are included in the delivery
  15. Custom POI's 8100NEX?

    all the same for 8x00 models