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  1. Need AppRadio v.2.4.0

    I found a firewall and managed to get v.2.3.0 as well as v.2.9.0 working. Thanks!
  2. Need AppRadio v.2.4.0

    Yes. Thanks for 2.5.0 if you can. You had experienced the same issue with AR? I think they want to force the upgrades for analytics. Ironically, v.2.9.0 does work with my X-950 but the old compatible apps are not shown because they are too old. I had to force them on with AppEX and they work fine now. I have Cydia but not sure which firewall you installed to make that happen. Can you tell me which one worked for you as I obviously have Cydia as well. Thanks again.
  3. Does anyone still have the .ipa file for v.2.4.0. for iOS? I have been using v.2.3.0 on an iOS6 jail broken phone for almost three years as it was the only version that a) worked with my X-950, allowed me to use App Radio Extensions, and c) allowed some other JB apps to run. For some reason, Pioneer has magically pushed a kill switch on this app. When it launches, it crashes. If I put the phone into airplane mode, then the app stays running but of course does nothing since I need an active connection for Waze, etc. Once I re-enable cell service, the app crashes. I have un-installed, re-installed and nada! When I upgrade to v.2.8.5, it stays running but unfortunately, that version (although it loads on iOS6), will not perform properly on my X-950. The screen is over zoomed and no buttons work. I remember v.2.4.0 worked but I don't have it and perhaps that one will still run. Can anyone direct me to a copy of it? This has been beyond frustrating!
  4. X950BH Fireware issues :(

    Don't bother to update. I have the same head unit and the F/W update will break the bypass if you have already done so. Basically just convert the files to MP4's if you can. It will play that. If you're running an iPhone, add them via iTunes as a movie which will play w/o loading and unloading SD cards.
  5. Apps greyed out

    I was just going to make a new thread about this until I saw this post. I am experiencing the same issue. I have an iPhone 5 using iOS6 with App radio Extensions installed along with App Radio v.2.3.0. It seems like the only combination that has worked for everything since updating apps and/or App Radio has broken something along the way. Out of nowhere, the Car Media Play button lost it's icon. It would give the old Apple spin logo like when you boot a Mac and then it would give up and just leave a grey icon that says, "App". So, I uninstalled App radio v.2.3.0 and re-installed. It then greyed out all the "compatible" apps but left the non-compatible app icons alone that were being generated by App Radio Extensions. Next step is that I installed App radio v.2.8.5 which brought back the icons but the app itself would not work. It was over-zoomed on my AVIC-X950BH and the screen would not accept any input. I could only swipe pages. I uninstalled and went back to v.2.3.0 and I have resumed functionality but the compatible apps are still greyed out. Very strange. I can attach a photo if desired to show you. Let me know.
  6. Wonder how this will comapre to Car Play... http://www.phonescoop.com/articles/article.php?a=14257
  7. 1.06 Firmware dated 4 Feb 2014 for X950BH

    I read somewhere on this site that the later firmware version screws up the bypass. I'm not sure if this is true or not and I would hope someone else can confirm but if that's the case, I'll stay at v.1.03.
  8. AVIC-7000NEX in hand

    Wow! This unit sounds like a nightmare. I still have the X950BH and the only feature I like that they've added was the posted speed limit info on the NAV screen which I really wish I could add to the X950BH but the one feature which I use all the time which was removed was the AppMode display. It was 2D/3D/AppMode. I even asked good 'ol Harry at the Pioneer booth at CES about it and he had no idea why it was dropped (actually he didn't even realize (at the time) that the posted speed limits were going to be imposed). The AppMode display gave a spit screen for the built in NAV and the AppRadio. Now that I'm reading how buggy it is and that the bypass is an issue, I think I'll wait this one out. Also, unrelated, the latest firmware for the Z150/X950/X850 has blown apart the bypass I believe. You would think that after all the trouble we had gone through with the previoius model using AppRadio, this would be better.
  9. That was me (beginning of thread)...early March actually. http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/38269-pioneer-new-2014-navigation-line-up-is-here/?p=274772
  10. Inrix is back

    I don't understand why they pulled this app, put it back, pulled it again, and then put it back. I wish I had a firewall on my phone to prevent them from updating my app so I can decide what apps to keep on the phone! Very frustrating.
  11. AVIC-8000NEX

    In addition, I have noticed that sometimes when the iPhone screen goes into lock mode (where you have to slide to unlock), it will prevent the AppRadio from firing up. This happens when I forget to shut the phone off when leaving the car and come back to it later.
  12. The folks at the Pioneer booth during CES week said they were pushing for March. However, there were still a lot of bugs to be ironed out when I saw it so I wouldn't be surprised if they either 1) pushed it back to April or 2) released the unit with a bunch of bugs and then release a frimware update a month later (like they did with the 2013 AVIC series allowing App Radio to finally work).
  13. AVIC-8000NEX

    I have an AVIC-X950BH and some of the apps on my unit will not even work (black screen) vs. the regular SPH (App Radio) head units. I don't know how the NEX series is going to play out but it wouldn't surprise me if it exhibits the same issues.
  14. I went to CES and played around with this unit first hand. Half of the features didn't work yet and the unit kept rebooting itself. They said it needed some minor tweaks before its release in March. I would say some major tweaks. I have the 2013 HU and they took away a bunch of stuff. 12 million POI's down to 7.9 due to "the cloud" and no split screen for App Radio mode (w/the map). They said that they may bring that back but not sure. You would think two months prior to release they would have all the features slated ahead of time. I also complained (again) why there isn't speed limit info on the map like a cheap Nuvi would have. They couldn't give me an answer as to why not. The only thing they did do was change the iPhone/iPod as an actual SOURCE again meaning you don't need Car Media Player via App Radio mode to play songs. Oh yeah...they added album art to Sirius Sat Radio (yippie...whatever). There were some nice differences in the UI as it was completely overhauled and had some nice additions but with that came deletions so for me, it doesn't warrant an upgrade at this time. I did a final complaint about all the allow screens and cables needed to make this thing work and of course the response was due to legal reasons and third party hardware from Apple, they have no choice. Anyway, wait for the video demos and for the first (or second) firmware update(s) once released. These HU's are usually quite frustrating right out of the gate (especially when they can't even demo a FULL working model at CES).
  15. AVIC-8000NEX

    I went to CES last week and looked at the unit first hand. I should have asked what the OS was. As for the unit itself, it's not ready for prime time. They did not get the unit up to speed for the show. Every time they tried to demo something it would crash and reboot. They said they need to fix all the tweaks to make a release date for early March. The UI is completely overhauled and they did make some improvements over the old UI but it's still lacking basic things found in other units like speed limit signs, etc. They also took away the split screen mode for AppRadio but are considering adding that back in. They did however make the iPhone as an actual source now. You don't need to use the app radio's Car Media Player to play music and videos. It works like the old days as an actual source. I complained about the app radio portion needing all the cables and allow buttons but they said it was 1) due to working with Apple as a third pary and 2) legal disclamers to prevent claims against them. They agreed it's a PITA but since they are tied to third party stuff, they have no choice. They said once they get it up to speed, they are going to post videos within the next few weeks.