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  1. NEW FW 1.01 AVIC-W8400NEX - Download AVIC-W6400NEX - Download AVH-W4400NEX - Download
  2. Custom POI's 8100NEX?

    all the same for 8x00 models
  3. Custom POI's 8100NEX?

  4. Custom POI's 8100NEX?

    *.klm use synctool
  5. 2019 NEX models?

  6. Password AVH Reset

    You can send a video with your problem
  7. AVIC Development Mod - Developer Debug Menu

    password works on firmware version 1.00-1.14 update: working on versions х000 <= 1.14х100 <= 1.07х200 <= 1.05
  8. AVIC Development Mod - Developer Debug Menu

    We do not know passwords for new firmware versions. you need to return the previous firmware to use the Debug Menu what model of your radio?
  9. No parking assit guide on AVIC W8400?

    NAG - warning sign on the screen These lines are in the rear view camera. I do not know. for European models (Z910 / 810) they left unchanged
  10. No parking assit guide on AVIC W8400?

    Yes. Parking assist guide and NAG screen only for UC (x400NEX) models.
  11. Android Auto activation support models: AVIC-F960BT AVIC-F960DAB AVIC-5100NEX AVIC-6100NEX ask PM how to do it
  12. SPH-DA120 AppRadio 4 - Navi custom fw New features: New interface: Dark theme and new animated background from AVIC-W8400NEX Navi Info Bar Disabled Warning screen when connecting to a smartphone. Disabled Warning screen when starting Navigation. The warning screen on the rear view camera screen was removed. Steering wheel <> buttons in radio mode switch present stations. Hold = seek. Latest navigation content NA or FEU: HERE with 3D Landmarks, 3D City Map, Enhanced Junction View & Realistic Road Signs, Points-of-Interest, Speedcam - 2018Q3 Ask me in PM how to get it.
  13. This is a hardware problem. Only in the service center will help you. You need to set the gears correctly. Do not try to do it yourself.
  14. Waze not available on AppRadioMode and Weblink form end of March 2019 Waze will not be available anymore on App Radio Mode (ARM) and ABALTA WebLink from the end of March 2019. Q. Will WAZE icon be removed from the display of AppRadio Mode? A. Yes, it will. Please refer to "Display Image (AppRadio) below for detail. However,if there is the icon as History on the Home screen (incl. the tab that a customer can call from the button for smartphone connect at the left bottom on the Home screen), it still remains after the update. When it is pressed, we assume that it causes black screen since Waze would not be compatible with ARM anymore. This remained icon can be removed when a smartphone with different OS from previous connection is connected. (ex. iOS Device -> Android Device / Android Device -> iOS Device...) Q. Aren't there any agreement with Waze for maintenance servece or advance notice? A. We don't have any agreement with Waze. Based on mutual trust, we've developed the functions. Q. If a customer would not update Waze app, would it be possible to keep using it? A. We are planning to update the server which AppRadioMode Launcher and WebLink Host App connect to, about compatible apps, at the timing of Waze update, so customers will not be able to use Waze app after the server update even if they would not update Waze to the latest version. Q. Are there any other map applications (ex. Google MAP/IGO, etc.) that would be compatible with? A. We are negotiating with Sygic (charged navi app) but we haven't concluded yet on certain condition because they requested us about development cost and exclusive promotion (need cost). Q.What kind of apps/services will be available on WebLink? A. For 19 models, we are planning as below: Yelp, Zomato, YouTube, Media Player, Video Player *We are developing "Amazon Alexa App (tent. Name)" for UC models. Q. What do you meen "Waze will not be available on ARM and WebLink from the end of March?" A. Waze informed us that some code in the app for ARM and WebLink will be deleted on and after the end of March, so, unfortunately, we assumed that customers (even current ARM users) would not be able to use Waze on the head units after that timing.
  15. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    You can try, but I'm sure it won't work.
  16. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    bypass - does not work on AVH-4x00NEX devices. only for AVIC of all versions NEX. for 4000/4100/4200 the check was only for the parking brake(PKB) For the AVH-4400NEX in Pioneer did a double check of PKB\SPEED
  17. w4400nex how to bypass e brake

    bypass - does not work on AVH-4x00NEX devices. only for AVIC of all versions. for 4000/4100/4200 the check was only for the parking brake. For the AVH-4400NEX in Pioneer did a double check of PKB\SPEED You will not succeed. Write in Pioneer that they change the code for both the previous versions of NEX
  18. AVIC-6400NEX bypass works!

    you are already tired of producing the same themes. Do not you have one special topic? Bypass works the same on all 4400/6400/8400 models if this is not enough, you need to connect the light-green cable (handbrake) with GND.
  19. Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only)

    Official AVIC NEX Bypass (AVIC NEX Units Only) For the European version in the Setting menu there is an item - Save Mode
  20. Navigation from AVIC is available for SPH-DA120 (AppRadio4) for update questions, write to PM
  21. Youtube or Youtube Music on 4200 NEX

    there is a small crutch But with the new firmware no longer works instruction in Russian
  22. Bluetooth not working

    BT Error-02 recovery module
  23. software error screen

    10 available / 0 sold good try
  24. Random change of radio station

    everything is possible
  25. NEW Firmware for AVIC\AVH x000\x100\x200 platforms update: june 2017 Test Mode does not work with old keys platform x000: AVH-X8600BT - 1.15 download AVIC-Fx6x EU5 верÑÐ¸Ñ - 1.15 - download AVIC-Fx6x UW5 верÑÐ¸Ñ - 1.15 - download SPH-DA120 EU - 1.18 download platform x100: AVH-X8700BT - 1.10 - download AVIC-F970BT - European (EU) Model - 1.10 download AVIC-F970BT - Russian (UR) Model - 1.10 download platform x200: AVH-X8800BT - 1.06 download AVIC-F980BT - European (EU5) model - 1.07 download AVIC-F980BT - Russian (UR) model - 1.07 download