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  1. That's cool Man!! but most have buttons on the steering wheel. And this tweak is not necessary. But this is exactly 5 stars for the idea and implementation !!!
  2. This is an SD card with a custom version of FW. She will upgrade your AVH to AVIC Only an SD card replacement is required. The solution if you have problems with the SD card. We can set the country of any country of your choice. for W4400NEX you will get: Navigation from the AVIC W8500NEX with the latest update Weblink parking lines support model Pioneer AVH-Z9100BT Pioneer AVH-Z9100DAB Pioneer AVH-Z9150BT Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX Pioneer AVH-Z9200BT Pioneer AVH-Z9200DAB Pioneer AVH-Z9250BT Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX
  3. WT7600NEX & WT8600NEX First Impressions

    they make support for Metra Axxess it will be an analog for MaestroRR Functions for MaestroRR will also change. New features 1. Park Assist 2. Radar 3. RSE 4. Climate 5. Chime I didn’t tell you anything
  4. NEW Firmware for AVIC/AVH x000/x100/x200 platforms download here Version Hystory: AVH-X8600BT/4000NEX - ver:1.13 + BT 03.41.12 - AVH-X8600BT_EW5_UW5_FW_Ver_113_ BT 03.41.12.zip AVH-4000NEX/XNUC AVH-X8600BT/XNEW5 AVH-X8600BT/XNUW5 AVH-X8650BT/XNRC AVH-X8650BT/XNRD AVH-X8650BT/XNRI AVH-X8690BT/XNID SPH-DA120 - ver:1.13 - SPH-DA120_FW-Update_v1_13.zip SPH-DA120/XNEW5 SPH-DA120/XNUC AVIC-Fx6x - ver:1.13 - AVIC-Fx6x_EU5_FW_Ver_113.zip AVIC-F60DAB/XNEU5 AVIC-F860BT/XNEU5 AVIC-F960BT/XNEU5 AVIC-F960DAB/XNEU5 AVH-X8700BT/4100NEX - ver:1.07 + BT 03.41.13 - AVH-X8700BT_FW_Ver_107 - BT 03.41.13.zip AVH-4100NEX/XNUC AVH-X8700BT/XNEU5 AVH-X8700BT/XNUR AVH-X8750BT/XNRC AVH-X8750BT/XNRD AVH-X8750BT/XNRI AVH-X8790BT/XNID AVIC-Fx7x ver:1.07 - AVIC-Fx7x_EU5_FW_Ver_107.zip AVIC-8100NEX/XNUC AVIC-F70DAB/XNEU5 AVIC-F77DAB/XNEU5 AVIC-F970BT/XNEU5 AVIC-F970DAB/XNEU5 AVIC-Fx8x - ver:1.02 for 8G version - ME_QC17006A_A_16AJ_v102_8G model.zip AVIC-5200NEX/XNUC AVIC-6200NEX/XNUC AVIC-7200NEX/XNUC AVIC-F80BT/XNID AVIC-F80DAB/XNAU AVIC-F80TV/XFBR AVIC-F980BT/XNID AVIC-F980BT/XNUR AVIC-F980DAB/XNAU AVIC-F980TV/XFBR AVIC-Fx8x - ver:1.02 for 16G version - ME_QC17006A_B_16AJ_v102_16G model.zip AVIC-8200NEX/XNUC AVIC-F80DAB/XNEU5 AVIC-F88DAB/XNEU5 AVIC-F980BT/XNEU5 AVIC-F980DAB/XNEU5 UPDATE 05/01/2017 add FW SPH-DA120 - ver:1.13
  5. AndroidAuto can now be activated for x200 models ask PM how to do it support model: AVIC-F980BT AVIC-F980DAB AVIC-F9880BT AVIC-F9880DAB AVIC-F980BT-C AVIC-F980DAB-C AVIC-F9880BT-C AVIC-F9880DAB-C AVIC-F980TV AVIC-5200NEX - without Maestro RR support AVIC-6200NEX
  6. map update 2019Q2 NA

    version 2019Q2 is now available as always earlier than at the Naviextras store Available for all AVIC NEX series
  7. Pioneer avh-2700bs original firmware

    https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/DVD Receivers/AVH-X2700BS#downloads
  8. map update: 2019Q4 Full Europe now available
  9. NEX5100 bricked, Please help!

    your card is already damaged you will not be able to reset the password, since you ruined the section where you store data with a password you only need to replace the card
  10. NEX5100 bricked, Please help!

    FW updates for 5100/970 are different for each region. it depends on the size of the installed SD card in the device. 5100NEX/UC - 8gb F970BT/EW5 -16Gb F970TV/BR - 8Gb
  11. The Next NEX?

  12. map update 2019Q2 NA

    when the Pioneer started selling 2019Q2 we already have 2019Q3 )
  13. Navigate Contacts AVIC: Please Reply

    Pioneer does not develop a navigation application. This product is from NNG: iGO Next Gen. Avicsync is iGO NextGen which uses Navfusion technology for synchronization. All of these products are made by NNG. Why NNG did such shit I do not know. iGO can use voice search. and also online services. But all these features are removed from iGO for Pioneer Support for usb modems is available in the Pioneer firmware and there are no technical problems to implement all online services with voice search. I think that with the advent of Carplay \ AA navigation will finally disappear from the radio. It’s cheaper to buy iGO in the appstore than to use it on AVIC. But they still haven't made Carplay support for IGO.
  14. w8500 compatible with samsung

    support smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ Samsung Note 8, Note 9 and Note 10 https://support.google.com/androidauto/answer/6348019?hl=en&ref_topic=6348027&vid=0-1388338257596-1523634367333
  15. Avh-4000nex

  16. The AVIC Development Mod

    when you turn on, press any key, then you will have 30 seconds to enter the command
  17. The AVIC Development Mod

    What do you want to do
  18. The AVIC Development Mod

    check connection speed @ 115200
  19. Android Auto activation support models: AVIC-F970BT AVIC-F970DAB AVIC-5100NEX AVIC-6100NEX ask PM how to do it
  20. Bluetooth stopped working out of the blue

    have a chance to fix BT without module replacement you need a powerful soldering iron and programmer for $ 5