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  1. 7201NEX AppRadio Mode

    best answer for you is to read the readme file for appradio unchained it will give you step by step instructions
  2. Standard HDMI in rear?

    regular HDMI will work
  3. Washed out screen

    You really have to play with brightness,contrast in the head unit.
  4. Question about using Waze

    I used apple carplay on my 8000 since it became available, in my opinion carplay has been a much better experience than android auto. I do not line the way android auto looks on the 4200 and I don't like that it takes over the phone completely
  5. AVH-4200NEX issue with detaching faceplate

    Also if it's installed to right in your dash causing the pop out to rub against anything it will fail to open as well. Test this by pulling it out of the dash and open and close it. Possibly slide it out a little further
  6. AVH-4200NEX issue with detaching faceplate

    My 8000 isee to get hot, it then again I'm my seqoiya I can't even stick anything to my windshield cause it will fall off. Ezpass tag tries their sticky, super glue, hot glue. Nothing worked. Ok baxknfonwjati did for nex over heat issue. I have an ac duct close to the nex soni just drilled an 1/2 hole in the duct and hot glued a pipe around it to blow right onto my nex inside the dash. It worked perfect, I never over heat anymore, for winter I just put a cap on the pipe so heat isn't blowing on the nex
  7. Laggy and Slow - 4200NEX

    Have you tried pulling, let it sit a minute and then plug it back in. If that doesn't work you most likely have a faulty unit, the nex line is very responsive, nearly Instant
  8. Question about using Waze

    2 ways to do it but you need an android phone Mirrorlink feature is one way. And the other way is wait a little while because waze is in beta right now to be used on android auto. If your an iPhone user, just start waze and use Bluetooth, youbwont get video on your head unit from waze but at least you will get audio prompts and use of the audible warnings
  9. Washed out look Maps Android Auto

    I had the 8000 with carplay and decided to Go android, never used the maps in the 8000 because they were absolutely terrible, that's why i went 4200 this time around. Just very disappointed in android auto display.
  10. Washed out look Maps Android Auto

    I have the 4200 with Samsung s8 plus and google maps is very washed out. I have made every adjustment possible I can find on my radio and phone. Very disappointed
  11. Question about using Waze

    i didnt think the 5200 had an HDMI port
  12. Pioneer Avic 6200 Nex/Samsung Galaxy S8

    Let us know how you make out, I'm actually interested in getting the S8, only thing that's holding me back is the compatibility issue.
  13. Pioneer Avic 6200 Nex/Samsung Galaxy S8

    Android Auto not working for newer USB Type-C phones (including Pixel)? Applicable models: AVIC-8201NEX, AVIC-8200NEX, AVIC-8100NEX, AVIC-7201NEX, AVIC-7200NEX, AVIC-7100NEX, AVH-4201NEX, AVH-4200NEX, AVH-4100NEX Pioneer has identified a connectivity issue between newer phones using USB Type-C (Nexus, Pixel, etc.) and Android Auto compatible Pioneer NEX in-dash receivers when used with a non-certified or non-compliant USB Type-C cable or USB Type-C extension cable. If you are experiencing this connectivity issue, we recommend directly connecting the Pioneer NEX in-dash receiver to the phone using only the Pioneer supplied USB Type-A extension cable and a certified USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable, preferably under 3 ft. in length. Direct connection using a certified USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable, preferably under 3 ft. in length is also acceptable (omitting the Pioneer supplied USB Type-A extension cable). Note: Connecting the Pioneer NEX in-dash receiver to the phone using Original Equipment (OE) USB ports, found in some vehicles, can produce connectivity issues and is not recommended. Please see below for a list of certified USB Type-A to USB Type-C cables that have been recommended for this use by Google for use (November 2016). Manufacturer Product Description Length (ft.) F-Color Type C Cable, 6.6ft Long F-Color™ Braided Reversible Charger 6.6 Cable Matters USB 3.1 Type C (USB-C) to Type A(USB-A) 3.3 YooTech USB Type C Cable, Yoozon® 3.3ft/1m USB 2.0 Type C to Type A (USB-C to USB-A) Cable 3.3 Rachan T Enterprise USB Type C cable (USB-C) to USB3.0 Type A: TRUE CURRENT Aluminum shell and Braid Shield cable Reversible 3.3 Nekteck Direct Nekteck USB 3.1 USB Type C (USB-C) to USB Type A USB 3.0 Male Data & Charging Cable 3.3 FRiEQ FRiEQ Hi-speed USB 3.1 Type C Cable - 3.3ft/1m - Micro USB 3.1 Type C Male to Standard Type A USB 3.0 Male Data Cable 3.3 Belkin 2.0 USB-A to USB Type C (USB-C) Charge Cable 6 iOrange-E Braided Cable with Reversible Connector 6.6
  14. Navigation Routing still stinks....

    i still have an 8000, i dont use the on board navigation, cause your 100% correct, it is terrible, i use Waze for Long rides, and use apple for short rides,
  15. Navigation Routing still stinks....

    What settings are you using for navigation? Fast,short?.....