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  1. True wattage? Power pack?

    Yes, it is absolutely worth it, but requires running a separate power wire. The 8200 does 22 watts RMS (continuous) per channel and 50 watts peak per channel, so an increase to 45 RMS is significant. Just remember that you can't wire that power pack to the standard wire harness for the radio. At full blast, it will pull all the way up to the 15 amps that its fused for, in combination with maybe around 5 amps that your radio will be pulling. Factory wiring in pretty much every vehicle is only rated to handle 10-15 amps total. You could technically get away with it, but risk blowing a fuse and/or an electrical fire if you run it hard for any significant amount of time.
  2. NEX Proud Owner

    I've also got the w8500NEX and the on screen bypass worked like a charm. GPS antenna is still connected. I just straight grounded the parking brake wire and everything works at all speeds. I did get the error for the first time today saying that the system has detected an improperly connected brake wire, but you just press Okay and that's the end of it. Maybe try removing the PAC piece and grounding the parking brake wire if its easy enough to get to? Or just keep trying the touch method in slightly different spots. It also could be that you have the source off as opposed to having the unit off (or vice versa, I forget which way it had to be done)
  3. CarPlay turn on volume too loud

    @tekki Not trying to be condescending, but @scott_0 answered with a snarky, unnecessary response (suggesting that if I don't want it to be loud, then turn it down) so I did the same. The question I'm asking is if the way that CarPlay works precludes Pioneer's ability to override the turn on volume. Apple is notoriously closed off when it comes to API's that override their settings, so it seems reasonable given that and the fact that very basic radios have had turn-on volume attenuation settings since at least the 90's that it could be a CarPlay issue that doesn't allow it. It's entirely possible that @scott_0 was aware of these aspects of the question, but my past experience with the way experts answer questions suggests he didn't. I'd really love a detailed explanation or advice if anyone has it. Thanks in advance!
  4. CarPlay turn on volume too loud

    You say that very definitively, but is that based on any real knowledge or just something you had to say to get to your super helpful suggestion? So the volume settings are saved in CarPlay's memory on the Pioneer unit, not on the iPhone itself? And no one has found any other solution to fix this?
  5. CarPlay turn on volume too loud

    Hey everyone, I've got an AVIC-W8500NEX. I almost exclusively listen to music via wireless CarPlay and usually very loud on the way to work, but when I get back in the car after work, I jump when the volume comes on at the same level. When I was doing car stereo back in the day, even a lot of basic radios had a turn-on volume attenuator or max turn-on volume setting, but I can't find one on this unit. I know volume is handled within CarPlay separately for each app, so maybe its an Apple issue, but I would think an AVIC-side max volume setting would be able to override it. Any ideas?