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  1. Yep, backing out to 3.0003 worked for the Bluetooth issues, all paired. Sadly, the GEX-P10HD non-response issue still remains, but the same behavior happened to the P90BT in the car back when I went to 2.0 which is what sent that GEX-P10HD back to Crutchfield in exchange for this one. Guess I shouldn't be surprised. :roll:

  2. So, I'm trying to pair my Blackjack II with my desk devel system after upgrading it from 2.0 -> 2.06 -> 3.0 -> 3.01 over the last day and a half. If I use the phone settings menu and turn Bluetooth on or off, Tel.exe creates a fatal application error and there goes the phone controls... If I do the hard reset (press for 5 seconds) and then once everything's up try to pair the phone, neither the "Pair from Phone" nor the "Search Devices" method works. If I remember right, I used the "Pair from Phone" method with my F90BT in the car (which is still 2.0). Aside from 3.01, the only other difference from IDT's "stock" X910BT image is that I'm using carver's CommonLib.dll for 3.0 to remove the Navi warning screen. Anyone else having trouble with the F90BT's bluetooth after the upgrade?


    Also, the GEX-P10HD I had connected also went tits-up during the 3.01 upgrade process, shows a tuned station but no audio and won't respond to any button presses (preset, scan, display, etc). Tried disconnecting the thing completely and re-connecting it, and double checked the power supply (+12V). Any ideas?

  3. Hmmm, just tried the X900's WinCE.bin with my 2.006 F90BT UC and got a permanent "System startup, please wait" message overlaid on the screen, then an eventual reset. Didn't work again until I re-flashed the 2.006 WinCE.bin back.


    Have any other UC F90BTs successfully applied this hack?

  4. Leet, please help us with the new testmode 2.3 for the leetlauncher.


    Neto, try copying all of the files with names made up of nothing but numbers (i.e. "164C549550B84211BA8C4B84AC5C0081", "63D21BEFE088433dBE3CF942347464C7") from the Testmode 2.3's "testmode" folder into Leetlauncher 3.0's "Testmode" folder. This is assuming you have 2 different SD cards, or 2 different working directories (one for TestMode 2.3, one for LeetLauncher 3) on your computer.


    If that doesn't work, you might want to copy "CopyTool.exe", "MortScript.exe" and "NNTestmode.exe" from Testmode 2.3's "testmode" folder to Leetlauncher 3.0's "Testmode" folder. Then rename Leetlauncher 3.0's "NNtestmode.mscr" file to "CopyTool.mscr". From what I can tell, TestMode 2.3's CopyTool.exe is really a renamed MortRunner.exe, while in LeetLauncher 3 NNtestmode.exe is the renamed MortRunner.exe. Carver may be letting NNTestmode.exe run and call CopyTool.exe (a.k.a. MortRunner.exe) in order to satisfy a requirement for the test mode to work w/ 2.006.

  5. Dear nubs,

    Read the rest of the subforum. The new firmware CANNOT support the old maps. The new maps WILL NOT run on the old firmware. They must be bundled together for this reason.


    All, one other thing to consider. It's been proven that the iGo soft and the Pioneer soft are exchanging messages between each other at different times during bootup and operation. If certain messages are not exchanged correctly between the two the head unit will reboot itself because it believes something is broken. It may be a possibility that the new Pioneer firmware will expect an updated version of a certain message or even a different message altogether that the old iGo version either won't or can't send (it's like one of us English-speaking wanks trying to talk very broken Espanol to a Spanish speaking native). It may be received but misunderstood by the Pioneer soft. It's very likely that "old iGo + new Pioneer" is not a valid configuration because of this, it's not uncommon with new OS releases (look at MS or Apple for real-life examples).


    Just some food for thought for the non-techies amongst us.

  6. my thinking was that it might work on the pioneer unit. then all you would need is a front end

    It would work, in theory. Problem is you need the underlying code from the board support package for tasks like initializing the hardware and handing a healthy environment off to the WinCE kernel. Kind of like BIOS on your PC. It also appears that you'll need some code to periodically send an "alive" signal to the reset controller on the AV board, or it will consider the Navi dead and reset the head unit to recover things. You'll also need a few device drivers for the AV hardware itself, since that's what handles talking to the IP Bus, changing sources and monitoring the other external interfaces like VSS and the steering wheel input.


    Writing this software is not an impossible task, mind you. Just very time consuming without a little help from Pioneer directly or access to source code, I would think.

  7. Or maybe even tomtom, i believe there is the possibilty to shutdown igo(at least on the puffcoach mod i'm using now), maybe tomtom can be started then?

    Yeah, that would be tricky. There is an exit app command in some of the scripts IIRC, so you have to time things right with the call to start Tom Tom and the command to EXIT. There may be the possibility that iGo will still have control of the GPS UART when Tom Tom starts, preventing Tom Tom from getting to use the GPS. Also might start reboots if MainMenu/AV.exe doesn't get certain messages from ezrider.exe on events.


    Anyway, lots of experiments to try, will see if I can swing them in the spare time I have this week.

  8. Did you try for the wince? I believe in a tomtomskin for igo8(original) there was the possibility to launch wince, i'll see if i can find it.


    Or maybe even tomtom, i believe there is the possibilty to shutdown igo(at least on the puffcoach mod i'm using now), maybe tomtom can be started then?

    I was going to try for it as soon as I figured out the right command line (assuming "\Windows\explorer.exe" for the moment). Will probably add it to the Destination menu and one of the icons in the map view.

  9. So had a little breakthrough tonight to share. The code snippet that I lifted from Gurjon's 3.71 skin for calling the speedcam delete worked great as an example of how to call external executables, now my AVIC launches a little app called ResInfo.exe (taken from MioPocket's apps folder, sorry but the forum won't let me attach an .exe file, do a Google search for MioPocket for heaven's sake) every time I hit the 'Destination' button in MainMenu:




    Adding the command was a one-liner in APL2\iGo\data.zip::ui_pioneer\common\ui\start.ui (pasting entire st_AdvMenu_UC state definition below for context, see towards the end of the script for the command):




    • [*:2tv61i16]Open data.zip using 7zip
      [*:2tv61i16]Find "ui_pioneer\common\ui\start.ui" in the 7zip file manager window
      [*:2tv61i16]Edit 'start.ui' using 7zip's 'File->Edit' command (launches your defined editor)
      [*:2tv61i16]Add these lines just below the one with 'EXEC "other.pioneer.postmessage" ...' in it:
      ;FourG Added: Start APL2\ResInfo.exe at the end of script
      15 START_APPLICATION "ResInfo.exe" ""
      [*:2tv61i16]Save the file
      [*:2tv61i16]Exit the editor so 7zip will check if the file has changed
      [*:2tv61i16]Answered 'Yes' when 7zip asks if you want to update the archive
      [*:2tv61i16]Copy "ResInfo.exe" and the updated data.zip to SD
      [*:2tv61i16]Enter test mode on the AVIC using LeetLauncher
      [*:2tv61i16]Open explorer and navigate to Storage Card
      [*:2tv61i16]Highlight data.zip and ResInfo.exe
      [*:2tv61i16]Navigate to 'My Flash Disk'\APL2\iGo
      [*:2tv61i16]Edit->Paste, answered 'Yes' to overwrite data.zip


    Now each time I enter the Destination menu (either from MainMenu.exe's Destination icon or back arrow from a sub-menu) ResInfo pops up. :D A similar technique can be used in some of the scripts the buttons on the map screen call to launch tools or even LeetLauncher, I'm willing to wager. *cough* Wi-Fi! *cough*


    Off to do some more scripting and skinning!


  10. i'll take a look at it,


    I believe it is using an external executable to hide camera files and delete content of speedcam folder.


    we'll i guess so as it is refferring to an exe file ,

    Why yes it does... Hmmm, methinks this would be an excellent template to build a potential launcher menu for external apps from w/in iGo, perhaps? :) The most interesting code from the skin:




    Need to figure out how the addition of the sys.txt [utility] section worked for the .exe though:

    utilitymov=",1,\SD Card\IGO8,"
    utilitydel=",2,\SD Card\iGO8,"
    „\SD Card\iGO8“ - path to „iGO8“ folder .

    Looks like it defines the arguments pased to utility.exe when iGo calls it. Heck, we could even use this to automate some registry imports and file copying (ala MortScript) from start.ui, which might enable the SDIO 802.11g + web browser without the need for testmode/LeetLauncher/MioUnlock sort of trickery which means we get to keep the source changing abilities of the stock Pioneer soft.

  11. so, if anybody want test with me, please return original mainmenu.exe,

    and repleace CommonLib.dll from this attachment.


    Tests Run, PASS=no warning message, FAIL=still get warning message:

    -pressing map hard button---> PASS

    -pressing destination menu--->PASS

    -pressing setting/navi settings--->PASS

    -pressing map on av screen--->PASS

    -if unit was restarted and it was on the navi screen before restarting--->FAIL

    -if unit was restarted and it was on an AV screen before restarting, then press map on av screen--->PASS

    -if unit was restarted and it was on an AV screen before restarting, then press map hard button--->PASS


    Getting closer, looks like the cold boot to Navi path doesn't involve a message that goes through CommonLib.dll... :D

  12. -pressing map hard button--->navi warning won't show up

    -pressing destination menu--->navi warning won't show up

    This is because carver's nuked the messages from MainMenu.exe


    -pressing setting/navi settings--->navi warning still shows up

    That menu's in a different .exe. My bet is because the message is sent by SystemSettings.exe on that screen instead of MainMenu.exe.


    -pressing map on av screen--->navi warning will show up

    Again, different .exe (Av.exe). AV.exe sending the message instead of MainMenu.exe...?


    -if unit was restarted and it was on the navi screen before restarting--->navi warning still shows up

    SystemSettings.exe or Navi.exe, maybe?


    carver, I'm willing to lend a hand in the effort if you can outline how you caught the messages coming from MainMenu.exe.

  13. Any further progress ? been quiet for a few months....


    Not quite yet, just got the F90BT and GEX-P10HD hooked up on the desk with an ATX power supply this weekend but haven't had time to start hacking (pesky thing called work keeps getting in the way :roll:). It's on the Todo list, but like Dr Paul mentioned even with the entire APL2 directory nuked the message still pops up in the simulator (have to confirm on actual hardware). Hopefully there's a registry hack to kick the USB into ActiveSync mode so I can attach a remote debugger...

  14. would be very cool if it can be integrated but I believe Pioneer uses Windows CE not windows mobile.


    So why couldn't he give the Windows Mobile Professional version a try? It works on Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC, which should have similar underpinnings as WinCE 5. One problem will be missing DLLs from the AVIC image, he might need to use MortScript to copy missing DLLs to the Windows directories and update the registry after each boot.

  15. thank you. i am thinking about doing a car PC and moving my radio to another car of mine.


    Well, a word of caution then: the AVIC-F isn't quite ready to be your general purpose Car PC (yet :twisted:). There's been some effort to get the internal hardware/software architecture figured out, but at this time we still can't control the audio source switching, radio tuning, iPod and several other features. Rest assured it's being worked on, but when I got involved with the AVIC-F90BT it was because I didn't think I had the time to build the Mini-ITX Car PC I had in mind... Almost a year later, this thing has consumed enough of my time trying to hack it to fix all the annoyances that I might as well have gone the home-brew PC + Touchscreen + Amp route. :lol:


    Just my $0.02.

  16. Does anyone know what hardware is actually used in the unit. I figure it has to be a basic computer because it runs windows CE. any details or links to information would be great.


    Use the forum search to look for some of carver's posts in the Hacks/Mods forum. He's done a teardown of his system to show off the Navi and AV boards inside. My teardown's postponed while I wait for some cables from the seller.



    - SiRF (formally Centrality) Titan ARM SoC

    - Flash mem

    - Parrot bluetooth dongle hacked to be controlled by Titan via UART

    - uCOM controller device on the AV board, controlled by Titan via UART (controls audio source switching, volume, etc)

    - e-Volume device on the AV board that takes Navi, AV1, AV2, FM, IPBus audio inputs and outputs the right one to the pre-out and amp.

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