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  1. 8201NEX steering wheel remote?

    I've got a Z-3 I want to replace with an 8201NEX but it's in an old pickup without steering wheel controls (just broken in with 230k miles). I understand no longer offering steering wheel remotes but does anyone know how or if I might hack my old remote (or some other steering wheel remote) to work with an 8201NEX? Thanks, Jim
  2. Garret 2mey's Z3 Drives...ARE AWESOME

    Another satisfied customer! It didn't take longer than 15 minutes. It's rare that a "quick" project actually goes quickley for me. After doing this mod, I think I probably should have asked about sending mine to him to copy everything over with the mod. I don't have that much on it, but I forgot how lazy I am. It would be nice to have everything I had plus the mod. I guess I'm a "cake and eat it too" kind of person. I wish I could get outstanding service like this everywhere. Heck I'd settle for 50% of the time. Thanks Garret!!