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  1. avic f 900 update

    My interest is this. I recently update my Avic f900bt with the new european firmware 1.020. But i think it didn´t went all the way, because when it finished the installation i didn´t let it reset by itself. Instead i did a reset myself a reset before that. The unit switchs on and overal it work fine burt since then my bluetooth connections don´t work properly(the sound too lound in the begining and too quiet during conversation). I think the cause was a bad firmware installation. I just can´t install another firmware over the one i´ve got (1.020) because it´s the last one (but not too well installed). How can i do a reset and erase the firmware i´ve got an install another one again? Thank you
  2. avic f 900 update

    Please, Can anyone tell me wich are the risks from updating european units with the usa firmware) . Did anyone try it out? Thank you