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  1. Avh 2440 standard or network?

    On the initial setup for the radio you have a choice of standard or Network. I have a Juke with a Rockford Fosgate OEM stereo system with 8in oem subwoofer ,2 oem tweeters on pillars and 4 oem speakers (front and back) . Does anybody know what mode I am supposed to use?
  2. Display screen question

    Hi I just got a 2440 NEX radio and was wondering a couple of questions. Is there any way to change the splash screen on this radio? Also that big symbol on the main screen that takes up a lot of the screen is there any way to get rid of that. It's a square box that shows either Bluetooth or has a picture of an artist on HD radio or a music symbol Etc. I put a nice background picture on it and that thing takes up a lot of the screen and want to get rid of it.