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  1. 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Vss & Reverse????

    old thread I know, but did you every figure this out? Or anybody know for a 06 ram 2500?
  2. Actual Disk CNDV-80MT Disk Available for Download

    WHAT has happened to the East Disk Download, link does have it anymore?
  3. Where to get a Avic N4 Hide Away

    yea, but not a option, anybody have one for sale.
  4. Where to get a Avic N4 Hide Away

    Hey guys does anybody have or know where i can get a Avic N4 hideaway. Anywhere in Raleigh NC that yall might know of. I know ebay but not to many N4's on there. If any body has one. I need the hideaway and the wires for it. Thanks alot
  5. Avic-N4 with a different brain (hide away)

    Anybody else know a for sure answer?
  6. Avic-N4 with a different brain (hide away)

    Man, I was hoping that any of the N1, N2 , or N3 brains would work, hard to find any N4's and N5's brains for sale. anybody else got a idea
  7. Avic-N4 with a different brain (hide away)

    Guys I just got a Avic N4 and i dont have the brain. I was wondering if any of the other N series brain will work the N4, I know from reading the forums that the N4 brain wont work with the other headunits, but I cant find anything about the N4 working with other brains? Thanks let me know