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  1. fb 900 black screen but works

    my 900bt goes to black screen after it loads but the i can still hear the ring when i push a button meaning they still work and it still functions i just cant see what is happening unless I hit the reset button this it works fine. Im still using the firmware that came with the unit which is 2.0 Please if anyone has info on what i can do to fix this, help me please.
  2. Navi Problems!!!

    not that wasnt the solution either i alway let the car run 5 to 10 mins before pulling off cuz i let it warm up but it still says "gps signal lost"!!! i dont understand what it could be and while it seems as if im the only one on here having this problem..its really starting to make me get a different unit one where the nav runs by the cd's ..
  3. Navi Problems!!!

    im done people i have ran out of options...i dont know what else to do. ive tried changing my antenna..that didnt work. I swap out for a brand new unit....that didnt work. Now i THOUGHT since i had tint on my windshield so i figured i had to put the antenna outside the car.NOW i just found out that that isnt even the case. im still getting "GPS signal is lost" so im all out of answers. i dont even know where to turn from here.
  4. Navi Problems!!!

    i will try and see what happens..if this doesnt work i dont know what will
  5. Navi Problems!!!

    Nope Ladies and Gents the antenna was not the problem in fact not only did i swap out the antenna but i also put in a brand new unit and still i have the same problems...the only thing i can think of now is that it might be becuz my windshield is tinted. plz if anyone has anymore suggestions plz let me know... this is really becoming a headache to the point where i wish i still had my N2
  6. Navi Problems!!!

    nope the metal sheet wasn't the solution people...so i guess im going to try to see if getting another antenna will solve it before getting a whole new unit!!! thanks for the help thus far
  7. Navi Problems!!!

    does anyone think that this is the only thing causing my weak connection? if so is it possible that i can buy this metal sheet from somewhere else if i cant get back in contact with my guy or have something to substitue the place of it?
  8. Navi Problems!!!

    im still trying to catch up with the dude that install it for it.. becuz right now i dont have the metal sheet under my antenna. When he put it in he did not use it...i didnt pay any attention to it becuz my N2 did not really need it.
  9. Navi Problems!!!

    i will check it out thanks alot.
  10. Navi Problems!!!

    well i had the avic n2 before this and i neva had this problem.. the antenna is on my dash up against the window....in the same place it was for my previous unit. should i move it and if so where do i put it? dogdy connection??? what on the connector am i checking?
  11. Navi Problems!!!

    Ok this is my situation... i just have my 900bt installed and my gps signal is alway lost. it will work for like 5 minutes into the ride then i lose the signal. plz somebody plz tell me there is a way for me to fix this?????