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  1. AVIC-D1 / D2 first step in hack for Europe

    Do not confuse the Navigation unit with the radio unit. On the radio part RDS is a standard and works worldwide. The frequency steps are indeed a problem as fine tuning is complicated. I do have a Kenwood 2-Din from the US in the other car but the radio part is used maybe 10% of the time I drive the car. The problem is the navigational unit part as the european DVDs are not fully accepted or the system simply doesn't work as it is supposed to. I can enter a destination point but only on the map. It also finds the route and navigates perfectly but this is not really what we need.
  2. AVIC-D1 / D2 first step in hack for Europe

    Sorry guys, I do have no idea how to get this running in your countries. I went to another brand.
  3. AVIC-D1 / D2 first step in hack for Europe

    Update : I've got the original CN-DV60 DVD from the US and upgrades the D1 to the new system. Now the system starts and even accepts the european version of the '60 DVD. Without any hack it shows the european maps. So this is good....but : - I still cannot choose any other languages that are on the European DVD - I cannot select any of the countries - it always takes the first one (Austria) If I select a target in Austria it now calculates the route properly and even I travel to there from time to time, I'd like to select another country too The countries are listed but I'm getting a message that the data is not there or that the selection is not correct. Does anybody know if parts of the map or area are stored in the AVICs memory ?
  4. Need file content of DVI.DAT from a CNDV-60M

    I cleared everything out but with the European DVD the system asks me to remove the MAP disc and inserting a proper program disc after resetting again. The EU DVD is a program disk but the files are *40.* files instead of *50.*
  5. Need file content of DVI.DAT from a CNDV-60M

    Good idea Shawn. I'll do a search in the forum for how I can get into the menu. Thanks Roger
  6. As we europeans know, the navigation part of the AVIC D1/D2 does not work in Europe. When I received the unit with the 2005 blue DVDs I bought the european version of the CNDV_60M. Unfortunately, the unit did not accept it. I did an analysis of the files and found some parts that were worth a try. The most important thing is that the unit looks for the DISC VERSION in the DVI.DAT file during startup. I finally got the maps to work with the following hack : 1. load the actual european DVD into an ISO 2. extract the DVI.DAT and load it into a simple text editor like notepad 3. change the first line to : DISC VERSION [xxxxxxxx] and safe it. Note : Take the xxxxxx code from an US DVD that has been accepted by the unit by reading the DVI.DAT from this DVD. 4. Copy the two files called *APL.HTM and *APL.PRG from the US DVD into the ISO from the EU DVD. 5. Burn a DVD from the ISO Unfortnately I only have a single layer DVD writer. I therefore made the tests with a DVD-RW and deleted the IDX directory as well as the very large REGION.KWI file from the ISO. This way it was less than 4 Gigs large. The NAVI started well and it showed Paris by default. Why Paris ??? Ok, changing current location worked easy for my hometown in Switzerland Scrolling and moving around Western Europe is no problem so far. I'm sure the same works for the Eastern Europe DVD as well. Notes : - the AVIC D1 sits on the table in my living room with a 12V battery. It is not able to receive the signal from more than one satellite if any - therefore I'm not yet able to test it on the road - no XM of course (US/CAN only) Open issues : - changing the language doesn't work, even the DVD has about 8 or more languages on it. It always stays on English - are the three languages hard coded in the units ? - I still have to buy a double layer DVD burner to see if the whole navigation thing works with the IDX directory and REGION KIWI file. - The .PRG doesn't work at all from the european DVD. If either the DISC VERSION is wrong or the .PRG is the one from the new DVD the system ask for a proper DVD. I do not have any idea why this is. But in Europe we only have the AVIC-X.. devices where the EU DVD works well. - can someone please mail me the *.PRG file from an US CNDV_60M DVD I believe it should work on the D1 but I want to be sure. I'm aware that this is not yet a full solution but a small first step in getting the units running in EU too Maybe someone can go even further in the testings or has other ideas. Any inputs, tips and tricks are highly appreciated - Roger, Switzerland
  7. Need file content of DVI.DAT from a CNDV-60M

    It doesn't fully work for now as I'm testing with DVD-RWs. I need to test what I found out and will post in another topic then.
  8. Need file content of DVI.DAT from a CNDV-60M

    Thanks, ours is this : DISC VERSION [06009E00] FORMAT [KIWI] MAP VERSION [51] MARKET VERSION [EW] DATE [060213] DISC NAME [CNDV-60M/EW-2-A] 2DM APL VERSION [***] 1DM APL VERSION [3.000500] TP APL VERSION [***] RC APL VERSION [***] DATA COMPANY [iPC] It doesn't work with the US devices but after changing the DISC VERSION to the old US DVDs it showed me the correct european maps. But I wasn't able to start the NAVI in another language so far. I'll post more when I find out more
  9. Need file content of DVI.DAT from a CNDV-60M

    Purpose ? To see what the content of the file is in the US.
  10. As the title says, please post the content (it's text) of a DVI.DAT file from one of the CNDV-60M disks please. Thanks in advance Roger
  11. Help : D1 in Europe, MAP DVD doesn't work

    I have copied the contents of a CNDV-60M Europe disk onto my HD. How can I find out if it uses Navteq or TeleAtlas data ? Also, how do the directories look like on a such an US disk ? Thanks Roger
  12. I've bought a D1 in the US and got the CNDV-60M EUROPE DVDs here. Unfortunately, the D1 says that it is the wrong DVD. Does anybody know if there is an European software available for the D1 or is it possible to make a DVD with the map files of Europe and the software from the US disks ? Thanks in advance, Roger, Switzerland